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If you want to get into the habit of sleep tracking before you buy something expensive and you have an Android phone, this is worth checking out:


Sleep for Android has some problems, but it has a free-tier and is easy to start using.

For better sleep tracking, there are some mattress cover devices, which will help with the leg movement problem a bit better than SoA can. The most common one afaik is Eight:


The two times I've tried "Sleep as Android", with different phones and watches (including paired with watch, and ignored), it has produced such utterly garbage data that I don't trust it one bit. Claims sleeping for hours, while awake and walking around (which Wear / Fit detected as walking) (with watch connected, phone has been fine here). Or missing sleep for hours (both watch and not). Or claiming deep/rem cycles while it sits on my dresser (both watch and not).

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