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Anyone remember turntable.fm?

I know a bunch of replacements popped up, but nothing seemed to capture the same kind of magic...

Yes, I actually helped make a clone of it for my final college project.

Since then the cocnept has sort of died. I'm a little surprised it's not something that Spotify did more with. I know they have a colistening feature but I have yet to have anyone want to attempt that. As far as I can tell you need to link up by Facebook to even attempt that.

You can colisten to somebody's Spotify through Discord. Sadly it's a pretty obscure feature no one uses much, but it's worked well the couple of times I've tried it.

I've used it some back when it was first introduced. Some people were just not ever able to sync with the stream sometimes, and also it was a bummer asking everyone to sign up for Spotify Premium to be able to listen. I don't know if it's better now but I personally would not recommend it to others.

It's not as easy as dropping a link in a server and saying, hey come checkout my turntable room. I know that some voice chats have a music bot that works similarly for youtube though.

After turntable.fm closed they briefly did Turntable Live.

Which was the coolest online concert experience I ever had.

I recorded a session. But sadly, not the system audio. But you can get a feel for the experience.


jqbx.fm uses only Spotify but has web, mac, android, and ios apps to sync Spotify listening.

The closest I've come is auxparty.com; the Spotify integration is great and being able to pull from your own playlists makes queuing tracks a lot easier.

plug.dj is the closest to turntable, in that they use embedded youtube/vimeo videos synced between all the users in the room. Completely offloading their biggest cost (media storage/bw) into public video platforms -- genius.

I would honestly recommend jqbx.fm instead if you have a spotify premium account. plug.dj goes through constant ownership changes, prolonged site closures, and suffers from over gamification+monetization. JQBX is a much cleaner experience with much better support for mobile / streaming on different devices that are connected to your Spotify account.

Earport.fm was something similar around 2014, but with YouTube videos.

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