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push messaging also doesn't work for PWAs on ios

(it does on android)

I get that controlling the walled garden is apple's mobile strategy now, but this is costing developers so much blood sweat & tears.

Both xcode and android studio are heavy + horrible compared to web, and the fact that you have to use both tools to release at scale makes them worse. Shopify wrote a dev post a few months ago saying 'we're react native as much as possible now' and claiming it makes life easier, but react native is worse than PWA because you still have to build for mobile 2x and deal w/ app store nonsense.

If PWAs supported push on ios, with or without cookie expiration, they'd be the preferred launch strategy for most non-game apps.

Hasn't aggressively controlling the walled garden always been Apples strategy? I don't see them changing any time soon. iOS didn't even have an app store initially, and it took a lot of pushing for that to happen (they realized Android was going to eat their lunch if they didn't).

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