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This is great, I've wanted something like this in the past! Thanks for building. I'll be giving it a try for a watch party I was planning with friends.

Mind sharing how it works and what stack you used?

Awesome, hope it all works out.

Stack is quite simple: Frontend: Bulma.css, Vanilla Javascript, HTML Backend: PHP, MariaDB

It works by redirecting in the right moment to the streaming sites, via a JavaScript redirect.

The voice chat is done via https://meet.jit.si/

To handle potential big load, I force cloudflare to cache all sites under url /p/* thereby after the creation of the watch party, no request hits my server anymore :D

I'm guessing it doesn't handle people pausing the video like Netflix Party or SyncLounge does then?

No that is currently not possible, as there is no way of getting the information about the playback from the website.

To enable this feature a browser plugin would be required again.

With Binge Together I opted for not supporting that in favor of an easier use. (Not everyone included needs to install the extension etc.)

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