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A normal app requires a separate build process, users to install it, manual review for each update, perhaps the platform owner will just deny it without reason, and for Mac/iOS it also requires actually owning or "borrowing" (using another persons/companies) build machine and software.

I don't understand why an installed PWA should not be able to keep their storage just as a "normal" app can. It would clearly be better for both developers and users. There are so many apps & websites that could be more privacy friendly if they could just trust localstorage to actually be "storage".

Those sound like problems for the developer, and not the end user.

I don't think you understand what "users to install it" means for actual users.

Most users are asked to install multiple apps for the normal sites they visit (like news sites, social media, imagehosting and more). They usually don't, and that's good. Those apps should not be apps, they should be websites. Most of those apps can be a simple website. If the users want/need more functionality that can be within a installed PWA.

I think this is more people and developers fetishizing what it means to be in the app store or to be "native". If we can run it all in probably the best sandbox we have available without having vendor specific builds or vendor specific prompts why would we as users or developers want anything else?

Some apps should be native. But the majority of them would be better as webapps rather than android/iOS apps.

EDIT: Also I'd argue a lot of those problems are artificially created by the platforms, not the developers.

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