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> By now, most people are aware of the amount of surveillance and tracking that their web usage is subject to on a daily basis and how this data can be used in ways that do not match their own personal values.

Sorry, but no way.

The data for "Local Storage" is stored in ~/Library/Safari/Databases -- you will need to give Terminal access to the Safari directory as the current Sandboxing works both ways, Safari stores security config info in this directory and scripted malware could / can exfiltrate data and change values in this location.

To violate privacy (aka enable tracking) a sub-iFrame could be set up that uses "local storage" with a parent page security policy that allows communication across the iFrame boundary. Sorry, yes, I am being a bit vague.

Who cleans up ~/Library/Safari/Databases? I personally see crud in this directory from 2011 that has been migrated from older systems.

Almost not relevant now, but Flash also had a "local storage" system that was shared across all Flash Apps. It also allowed (before sandboxing) local apps to proxy and communicate (via shared memory) with any standalone Flash App on the system through any page that used the Flash plugin -- i.e any running web browser, violating all attempts to have web compartmentalization rules.

I think some threads have been merged. I am now seeing some posts that confirm what I say above, but were made earlier in time that I had not seen. My experience and perspective is from security and privacy defense, rather than "find the loophole". [edited for clarity]

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