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Maybe I'm being cynical here -- I'm not a web developer but have lots of experiencing managing web-based products -- but if you want to have state you should store it in the cloud, because local devices are volatile. Xbox Live, for example, uses a fairly simple service for cloud saves for games; local saves still happen but any developer has the option to push saves to the cloud. The author definitely raises good points about how it's easier for developers to not have to worry about it, but cloud saves have some hefty benefits, like multi device support, user getting a new device, etc.

Yes, you're correct, but have you ever used an app that worked offline or performed well with a poor network connection? Or a website maybe provided wicked fast data access despite only having a 2G connection?

These technologies can be leveraged to improve usability. Unfortunately, advertisers and 3rd party trackers make it so we can't have nice things.

The problem is (at least for me) offline apps, or for customers who have poor or intermittent / unpredictable internet access.

They threw LocalStorage and etc out with the bathwater that are cookies.

Rightfully so. We won't have a cookieless world if the entire tracking industry basically just switches to LocalStorage when cookies finally die. Enough whack-a-mole.

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