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I think this is a good idea. Developers should not be able to store something on my computer indefinitely without my consent. This doesn't apply to applications users add to their home screen.

This doesn't "destroy" the PWA ecosystem. Just makes a user's intention explicit when they save a PWA to their home screen, rather than continuing to use it within the browser.

From the WebKit Blog (https://webkit.org/blog/10218/full-third-party-cookie-blocki...) "Web applications added to the home screen are not part of Safari and thus have their own counter of days of use."

Your browser is already caching a whole lot of stuff that you don't know about just by visiting a site.

A little LocalStorage isn't going to hurt you.

Cookies I get, but I don't know of any dark patterns with localstorage / the benefits are pretty great.

I asked about the dark patterns above and got answers confirming it https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22687214

I'm not convinced that actually confirms much.

One of the pages linked there just says local storage is used to store stuff... yeah? It's still not as wide open as cookies.

You could use local storage while doing other things, but i'm not convinced it's a serious issue with tracking or etc. ... and if ANY storage is considered an issue I think we're in for a big snowball effect on what we should or shouldn't allow from ... anything, including native apps, etc.

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