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Sorry, I wrote this blog post too fast because I was/am a bit angry and didn't notice my usage of jargon without explanation.

It is a “Progressive Web App”. Sorry for the jargon usage without explanation. Basically it is a marketing term used to place some new web APIs and best practices into an umbrella of a “near native UX on a Web App”. What it usually means is that your application is:

* Served from a secure context (a requirement for the other APIs anyway).

* Has an application manifest (this contains metadata about your web app and is used by browsers and OSs to add icons, names, themes, etc)

* Has a service worker (which enables your application to potentially work offline beyond what other cache solutions did in the past)

So with these in place, browsers can offer a “Install this site and an app” feature which allows the site to open in its own window, with its own icon and name on the launchers and home screens.

Thanks for your reply :) I recognize often articles are meant for a specialized audience and shared here without the author even being aware of the site, so it's unreasonable to expect that everything be described to a total neophyte, but sometimes I have to laugh at the buzzword articles that get posted here about how to implement foo in bar on baz, using a fizzbuzz framework running blarg, and I have no idea what ANY of those things are, having worked in tech for decades :D

Also, I just updated the post with a definition and a link to learn more about PWAs.

I going to make sure in the future that I don't fall into this behavior again. :-)

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