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I really hope the outcry about this is big enough to get Apple / Webkit reconsider. With service workers and improvements in browsers/cpus "PWA"s (aka web apps) were just getting to the point where they could compete with native apps for a number of use cases. And they had much better privacy / security policies. This doesn't completely kill that, but it's a big setback.

> they had much better privacy / security policies

Why is a PWA better from a privacy or security perspective than a native app?

This depends on many factors but a PWA can be inspected by third-party using the browser developer tools which makes easier to find out about its communication. You can do that with proxies and other heavier tools for native apps, but it it requires more skills than the former. Also the web platform is very private, you don't get access to files and many other features without user consent. Native apps might not be like that even though Catalina is going crazy with the permission dialogs.

I mean... hang on there.

The sandbox, while questionable at first, has slowly been improving and at this point gives the same features as the web you're describing. If anything I find the APIs more feature complete, albeit less well documented as... well, let's face it, this is Apple and macOS we're discussing here. ;P

I'll also note that "requires more skills" seems like a bit of a blanket statement to me. They're just different sets of skills.

Security: it runs in the browser's sandbox. Native apps by contrast generally have (or can request) full access to your system.

> Native apps by contrast generally have full access to your system

This doesn't accurately describe iOS apps, the pertinent comparison with respect to the article.

As others have mentioned this is simply not true on MacOS/iOS.

Also would add that Apple vets native apps.

The macOS sandbox exists to mitigate this. The system also goes out of its way to let you know you're running an un-sandboxed-app.

And Privacy the same: Native apps often have access to e.g. microphone. Web apps only have that for the duration that you enable it for.

Not any more. Even the terminal needs to request access to parts of the file system.

> I really hope the outcry about this is big enough to get Apple / Webkit reconsider

I seriously doubt it. Apple has been undermining web dev for years.

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