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I always wanted to do this stuff, but classes just never taught it. I think some of the ECE students got some classes which taught some assembly, but not us lowly CS people.

No kidding? When did you go to school? When I went back for my master's degree in 2005, they made me take a "leveling" undergraduate x86 assembler course because my 90's-era S/360 (yes, in the 90's) was too out-of-date, but they definitely required at least one full assembler course back then.

Well, assembly doesn't have much to do with computer science. The fact that aspiring programmers are taking CS degrees is the root of this problem =/

It used to be standard to teach a Computer Organization course, which would involve some assembly programming, even in a liberal arts CS program.

Sure it does, the problem here is the existence of CS degrees that don't teach programming properly.

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