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A. I generally take my cheap Android phone to bed with me and check the time before closing my eyes, then check the time when I wake up. For really rough days, as backup, I will ask my sons if they know when I conked out.

B. Instead of tracking your RLS, I suggest you treat it. There are studies suggesting that iron deficiency and B vitamin deficiencies can be culprits. That helped with mine, though I have known other people who benefited from other supplements.

C. I highly recommend you start a journal. A written record of health stuff is a hugely valuable health management tool.

Shameless plug: I created an app[0] just for this, which just tracks phone movement as an indication for the sleep quality. i.e If you pick your phone you are considered awake and just logs it. It is a completly offline app.

[0] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sleepeasy

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