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https://ouraring.com/ is pretty awesome. I've started sleeping more, at more consistent times, and consuming less caffeine and alcohol.

$75 off - http://ouraring.com/partners/rohannatraj - doesn't benefit me, just a coupon I received myself.

Bought it few months ago, mostly due to being impressed by the engineering side of it, then had a closer look at the data it was collecting at night and it looked very much like something pulled out of someone's ass. It literally did NOT correlate to what's been happening. It showed "deep sleep" for times that I was awake and was checking my watch, it also showed REM sleep when it was clearly a deep phase, etc.

First time it happened, I let it slide and gave it another chance. Then it needed another chance, and another... and the I gave up. I ultimately lost all trust in what it was reporting.

It's still a beautiful piece of engineering, it just doesn't do what it claims to be doing :-/

I've been using the ring for a couple of months now and never these issues. Whenever I was awake (even when I didn't move), the ring correctly recorded it. When I wake up even for just a second to roll around and faintly remember it, the ring correctly tracked it.

Not saying it's the most accurate thing because it likely isn't, but it's still far better than other trackers IMO

I've been using it for a month now and have only seen this happen one night at first, but the past 2 weeks have been very accurate. Might be learning or something?

Agree with the Oura recommendation, and there's a separate reason to be interested in Oura -- it records body temperature, which might be useful in predicting infection.

Here's a project my spouse is working on to see whether it's possible to warn you when you're getting sick using the combination of resting heart rate (from Fitbit), temperature (from Oura) and sleep data:


I'm in this study with the Oura Ring/UCSF, that might interest your spouse -- https://techcrunch.com/2020/03/23/oura-partners-with-ucsf-to...

On more than one occasion Oura told me to take things easy because I might be getting sick (colds), and it was right. Great product.

in my experience, oura helps you understand how sick you are during a cold, especially if you have a fever

Read this and decide for yourself if it is accurate enough for you:


Study conclusions: "Multi-sensor sleep trackers, such as the ŌURA ringhave the potential for detecting outcomes beyond binary sleep/wake using sources of informationin additionto motion. While these first results could be viewed as promising, future development and validation is needed."

Thanks for the discount, don't know if I ever had a coupon that forces me to make a decision in 30 minutes! Smart way to make a sale, give me just enough time to do a little research knowing the clock is ticking...

I was about to close the tab but then I saw they have developer tools where you can get an API key to access your own data -- very cool

I assume this is sarcasm?

All these sibling comments throwing $229 at a newfangled and unproven gimmick based on some anonymous online comment have really got me scratching my head...

Am I the only one who likes sleeping on these things before committing to a purchase?

> All these sibling comments throwing $229 at a newfangled and unproven gimmick based on some anonymous online comment have really got me scratching my head...

Social media is either making money via ads, or their making money via sales of $SOMETHING. This is marketing at work.

No. My default behavior with Amazon is to add things I might want, or sometimes even need, but that aren't strictly necessary, to the cart and then decide on them the next time I find myself in the cart with a purchase that actually needs to be made.

The way this really plays out is my wife says, "Do you want this stuff in the cart?" and then I go and remove most of it.

Certainly no - I am one of them as well, but we are minority, judging from abuse of discounts in commerce. It does work, regardless it's piece of bread or fancy gimmick we are talking about.

Thanks, just picked it up.

I usually use AutoSleep with the Apple watch.

Thanks! TBH I have heard of the ring but just assumed it was a scam for some reason, never really looked into it. Just bough one from your link. I've been looking for a tracker that's not a watch, and now that jawbone shut down there wasn't many options. Excited to try it out.

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