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Dreem 2* is probably the best tracker you can get to use at home.

The band is not uncomfortable (after a couple of nights, it's very strange at first) and it will give you lots of insights other solutions can't.

You do have to put it on before bed and take it off and charge in the morning though. And it's expensive.

* https://dreem.com/en

+1 for this one, I am also a happy user. I needed to send it back after a week of use which was annoying, but after they fixed it it's pretty much perfect.

I did significant research into the sleep trackers before deciding and the bottom line I found out is that anything on your wrist/fingers etc. Just can't accurately tell which sleep phases you're actually in and the offsets are huge, check the user reviews and research, they were comparing all the trackers against a proper sleep lab.

So I decided for dreem2 and have been extremely happy, especially with the deep sleep stimulation functionality, since I didn't buy it because I'd have any sort of sleep issues.

Ah yes, the stims are pretty great! I don't know if whether it's just placebo or not but it definitely works for me!

I got my Dreem 2 headband two week ago and since then I am using it. It monitors brainwave EEG to monitor sleep stages. Not sure about accuracy but I see it has a live EEG which can detect even your eye blink very accurately. If you wear and see the live EEG and blink your eyes, you can see the wave pattern changes as you blink your eyes. So I assume that it is accurately detecting brainwave.

Apart from detecting sleep stages, it has other features (e.g. smart alarm) which I have not used yet. I really wanted to use sleep simulation which they claim to enhance your deep sleep. But unfortunately this feature in not available in the headband sold in USA.

A very useful feature of dreem is that it also tracks your head/body position (sleeping on your side vs back).

When correlating the data with SnoreLab, I consistently see the snoring occurring only while sleeping on my back, and almost never when sleeping on my side.

Useful to know if you are trying to resolve snoring problems.

I had the same question as the OP and after some research, I narrowed my choices down to Oura and Dreem 2 and placed an order for Dreem 2 a few days ago. Happy to hear that people agree.

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