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> website.example will be marked for non-cookie website data deletion if the user is navigated from a domain classified with cross-site tracking capabilities to a final URL with a query string and/or a fragment identifier, such as website.example?clickID=0123456789.

So my guess is you are fine most of the time, except if you allow other sites to embed your content in their page. In that case, you should:

- provide the embed on a separate subdomain

- remove features requiring identification if the content is view embedded: attempting to use them redirect to the real site.

Otherwise ITP will mark your domain as tracking and wipe you after 7 days if your user don't interact directly with the site.

I have a hard time deciding if it's a good thing or not.

I guess it has the potential to be mostly a good thing, provided that:

- I understood it correctly, which I'm not sure, as their wording is not clear

- It's implemented correctly. Once the deal is done, it's in the wild years, fix or not.

- It's implemented in good faith. Apple wants to promote the app store and has shown to neuter web apps in the past.

I still have a strange bad feeling about this.

It's very confusing...

I still don't understand if Safari will delete a JWT in localStorage used to talk to different microservices.

JWT tokens are irrevocable by design, or it would defeat the purpose. I would advise against issuing JWT token which are long-lived. Using "refresh tokens" are generally more prefered, as this gives an opportunity to revoke a stolen token in active use by the attacker. Even 7 days seems like an excessively large session time. That is 7 days a stolen token can be used to forge an authenticated session.

It is confusing indeed.

My guess would be that if your user uses service site.com, calling using microservice micro.com, then you have to store the JWT in the localstorage of site.com, but cannot store it on the localStorage of micro.com.

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