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I had been having an issue with Google Sheets and Firefox that the app decides to change row height randomly.

On Firefox only. Obvious solution to which being...

It actually insert a line break on enter, make it invisible and can't be deleted only on firefox.

Pretend firefox as chrome makes it works perfectly.

They lock the community thread and fixed that after several days I found the finding and post it there.

Shame on you, google.

Oh my god. I knew it was inserting a line break when I hit enter but I didn't realize it was a FF only issue. gdi Google.

Not the first time. For some reason Google really doesn't like people talking about the games they play with browser detection.

(That's not snark - I really don't get it. They don't appear to mind people talking negatively about a lot of other stuff they get up to. Maybe lingering antitrust fears from the 90's MS suit?)

I mean we are in 2020, none of this should be news, but then a lot of people only discovered them now. They have been doing this since early 2010s.

They have been a hypocrite from the start, but people got too consumed with its free Gmail, RSS Reader along with its Do no Evil they decided to trust them blindly.

The current browser, and Web Tech scenario is pretty much Google's way or the highway. So I am glad Apple kept Safari as the only option on Apple platform. Not allowing them to dictate everything.

I reported this as a Firefox bug [1] in 2015. Google fixed it on their side in 2017, but it’s back. :(

[1] https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1205573

Companies are afraid of legal liability much more than they’re afraid of bad PR.

I was hitting that too! I wondered what I was doing. I kept getting these weird fields. That fucking sucks. I'd like someone to explain google's point of view about why this is happening? I do override user agent on some systems so random websites work.

Indeed, I was wondering why sheets was so broken to always randomly insert line returns.

Same... I've been played.

really working hard to shove that poison apple down your throat.

I wouldn’t really shame them on this one. Google docs and sheets uses contenteditable under the hood. Contenteditable isn’t specified or standardized anywhere and varies wildly between browsers, and sometimes between browser versions.

So even that workaround is being phased out with this UA support change?

Oh wait...THAT might be the problem?? I've been having that issue too! I have to cut the cell content, delete the cell, and then paste the cell content back in in order for the row height to appear the same. It never even occurred to me to switch browsers, I thought it was an issue with Google Sheets.

Same except it stopped not long ago. Maybe they fixed it ?


They do, I'm not sure that should be called as a 'fix' though.

Because it even works perfectly on firefox as long as you spoof your useragent to chrome.

Maybe. Still not switching away from Firefox though. I have Chrome installed because WebRTC is a lot better and teleconferencing needs have shot up recently, and because I lock my phone away in a Kitchen Safe and use 2FA with Authy the Chrome app, but Firefox is my daily driver :)

> Obvious solution to which being...

Installing an extension to spoof your user agent? Since we wouldn't want to reward Google being anti-competitive.

Or... quit using buggy app?

Except, that has been pointed out in the parent comments, it's not the application, it's a deliberate bug targeted towards a different browser(hence changing the user agent fixes it).

There's a strong argument to be made here that the "buggy app" is Google Sheets.

Except, there’s always the (Libre)Office!

The browser is not the app I had in mind.

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