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> Why are assembly related topics so popular on Hacker News?

Because there are some engineers perhaps at ARM, Apple, Microsoft, Intel or Google who deal with compilers or operating systems and UEFI booting devices that you're probably currently running or using to either build software or even reply to this thread, who still take interest in reading about blog posts like this.

> I don't see pursuit of this topic happening in my anecdata of programmers I interact with in day to day life.

Maybe not for you, but it's the reason why you are able to post your message here and browse the web or build software faster thanks to the engineers who did this sort of programming. Sure, general end-users shouldn't care but it's gives me confidence that there are some engineers out there who understand some OS internals to 'make' things happen even at FAANMG companies, rather than doing generic web apps all day long.

Came here to say just that, but to also mention I know some web developers who love these topics and are ahead of the game compared to their colleagues.

P.S. And if a low-level programmer goes into web, stuff like this [0] happens :-)

[0] https://nira.app/

I'm just your generic line fullstack web engineer. I'm still interested in these kinds of stuffs.

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