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When will Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager get onto this list of trackers? Lots of web apps are using them.

As far as I understood this is not a "list of trackers" per se but a "list of websites that track you when you navigate to another website from them" and people don't navigate away from the Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics domains because they don't serve content with links.

So this would apply to t.co links from Twitter, for instance?

I don't know if t.co is such a classified domain but if so, if the link contains query parameters or a fragment part, then yes.

I'm also not sure if "navigation" means through user action or if redirects count, although for the purpose of tracking prevention I don't see how the latter should not also count.

So, if all of this is true the way I understood it now, the restrictions could apply to when someone reaches your site via social media.

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