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I absolutely don't have that expectation. I built a comic reader app that I use on my Android tablet, which saves files to IndexedDB. I've been using this for over a year and no files have ever been deleted, even after I stopped using the app for a month or so.

If Apple provided an alternative this would be ok. An alternative such as the native file access API (still a WIP). Or a prompt so that the user can allow long-term storage. Or supporting the web app manifest so that users confirm they want to "install" a web app, granting it greater permissions.

But they've offered no alternatives here, that I can see. They've determined that client-side web apps are simply not important.

Hint: they are a for profit company and want you to pay 30% of your app revenue. Don't expect any open web standard that can actually compete with native apps unless something in the market changes.

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