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>You can always add an interaction to your app which exports the stored data into a file which then can be saved by the user.

But... why? Drag the user through some dialogue to save a file locally / manage / be responsible for that and then deal with that whole deal? That seems like very... old / unnecessary.

The fact that applications store some random things locally to me is neither surprising nor a hassle. Browsers already cache files and etc. Unless I don't know something... LocalStorage and other non cookie options seem just fine / safe.

I get the concerns about cookies and such but this seems a step beyond what is needed into the realm of unnecessary / a hassle for the user.

Maybe I'm missing some bad patterns / dark patterns using LocalStorage and etc but it seems to throw them out with the bathwater.

This is a valid argument.

Here is a fun idea that just came to me (trying to find middle ground here):

- Allow localStorage writes automatically, persist forever (choose your favorite definition for "forever").

- Allow localStorage reads automatically for 7 old.

- Prompt permission dialog if last read from localStorage is at least 7 days long.

I think that is reasonable ... maybe if the prompt is ... reasonable.

I'm kinda averse to the OMG COOKIES and other super technical warning type prompts that worry users, but really don't successfully educate them or direct them too good outcomes / choices. Granted education / good outcomes aren't easy tasks there, but what's the point of a prompt if the decision is made by an uneducated and just annoyed user?

I like the idea of empowering users, but not so sure about how we do it on the web / the best way to do it.

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