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To be honest, HTML5 LocalStorage was always different on iOS when compared to other platforms. The iOS browser localstorage is stored in /caches so it is cleaned when the device goes low on disk space. I found out the hard way, had a cordova app which ran on Android and iOS (and web) and saved an account token in LocalStorage. Some iOS users kept on getting logged out, mostly users with smaller size iPhones!

Now we store the account token in iOS keyring and that works.

ref: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32927070/complete-data-l...

How do you use the iOS Keyring from within a PWA or website in Safari?

They already explained that they are using Cordova. This bridges native APIs to web apps. What you deploy is a native app through the app store.

Right, but Cordova isn’t PWA.

Sure! In a PWA, storing login tokens in the keyring would not be possible. So as I said, on iOS the localstorage (and cookies) would be cleared in low disk space conditions anyway. So the PWA experience was already not good!

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