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I think it is worth noting that you can really say "Apple" is doing this or "Apple" is doing that with decisions at this level.

The company is just too big and not working in unison.

The Apple Safari Team is killing/hurting offline apps. The author asks why they don't take the same approach in Apple News - as if it is the same team that is in charge. Different team with different priorities and likely not talking to each-other.

I think the larger point is valid - but it better to understand that this isn't some cohesive cross-company strategy at play. Its size-able teams working on their own priorities within a larger roadmap (presumably).

As Apple is one of the most closed companies, it's hard to put blame on anything Apple-related as you don't really know who the teams are. Sure, WebKit contributors are visible as it's an open source project, but who is the "Apple Safari Team" really? And who is the "Apple News" teams?

Easiest is just to put blame on the top-level entity, which is Apple. They have control over their teams so they can redirect the blame if they feel it's needed.

And if this change is to be able to force more developers to build native apps on their platform, then it's for sure a cohesive cross-company strategy. But we don't know if that's the case.

I love these types of comments. They contrast very well with the “the reason Apple makes great products is because their hardware and software teams work so closely together to bring a cohesiveness that other companies can’t” comments.

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