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> The problem is that the users are so brainwashed from decades of Marketing.

Is there any other device or ecosystem of devices where my parents can fix their problems by turning it off and on? The fact that I have 80 years old grandparents who can’t read English using iPads and iPhones is not just marketing, that’s “not having to google and download malware bytes and ccleaner and go into regedit” to maybe fix issues.


I've had to aid my parents using Apple devices just as much as Android (father likes iPhone, mother prefers Samsung Galaxy).

edit: so much for anecdotes...

My dad downloaded a bunch of malware on his one plus. I refused to waste my time helping him uninstall it (he feels that it’s his god given duty to click on everything, and the shadier the source, the more click worthy it is). So he tossed it and got an iPhone. Now he can click all he wants.

Also android doesn’t have any tablets comparable to iPad, and they don’t or didn’t have any video call app as easy to use as FaceTime. Although, whatsapp video may be just as good now, but I have a few grandparents and a great grandparent who don’t have phone numbers, so FaceTime works better in our family.

Also, we use our devices until they die. So we need them getting security updates as long as possible, which doesn’t happen on Android. We have 4+ year old iPhones and iPads being used, all pretty much up to date on security updates.

My point is whatever marketing Apple does, the product is clearly superior in many ways so it’s ridiculous to claim people are just “brainwashed”.

Most of us have caught onto the scam promises of ongoing support from android device makers. With an iphone you are pretty sure of 3-4 years of good support. Doesn't the latest iOS support the iphone SE? And I think iOS 12 is still getting updates (Jan 2020).

By most of us you're referring to a minority that use iPhones?

That's a very US centric view. And even among those, most iPhone users aren't tech savvies.

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