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Safari already was lagging behind Chrome, Chrome forks and Firefox in a lot of feature adoption. This will only make it more of a "new Internet Explorer", a browser that sites recommend you NOT to use.

Good luck with telling people not to use Safari (or more accurately WebKit) on iOS....

Nothing to tell. They don't have a choice.

You’re right. Tell people not to use iOS


You Apple users will put up with anything!

(disclaimer: iOS user)

Lol, 50GB unexplained mobile data consumption. That'd be 3 months worth of rent on my mobile data plan. Good luck ever getting out of debt if that happened on some more expensive international roaming.

By Gordon Kelly, who gained notoriety for his "nasty surprise" set of iOS articles he'd put out whenever there was a new iOS update. Glad to see he's still at it.

As a web developer, I spend as much time to fix stuff for Safari as for IE11, I consider them on a similar level.

Normally when one said "the new Internet Explorer" he meant "the browser that was always recommended to use", "the browser that stopped innovation because it was almost the only one used".

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