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There's certainly a balance to achieve there. Too few permissions prompt and you lose control, and too many and you get desensitized or even worse annoyed at them.

There's no balance. You just let the user set any permission and make the prompts unobtrusive.

There is no such thing as an "unobtrusive" prompt.

Some browsers show an icon in the address bar when an app is requesting/can make use of an optional permission or feature. Clicking the icon allows you do grant the extra permission (i.e. allow cookies, enable, camera, etc.) but otherwise no additional prompt is shown.

I think this is an excellent example of such an unobtrusive prompt and is how ALL such features should be implemented. Sites should get almost no permissions by default and certainly not be able to show popup prompts.

That is not a prompt at all, just a fancy configuration option. Which most users will never notice and just assume the app is broken.

When the site tells them to "active X permission" without telling them how to (for their specific browser version), most will leave instead.

When the site gives super detailed, up-to-date instructions on how to activate the feature, a very large percentage of users will still leave instead.

When the feature is so useful that many sites go through all thouse troubles and it's common enough for users to encounter this that they'll follow through, most will do so for every site that tells them to and entices them with "ACTIVATE X TO RECEIVE YOUR $10,000 PRIZE, LUCKY WINNER!!!".

Actually there is - firefox does it all the time. It's simple really - just add a new obscure configuration parameter and tada - the browser starts ignoring your dns resolution setting and automatically uses a preconfigured one. No need for a prompt, obtrusive or otherwise.

network.trr.mode I'm looking at you.

I configured my Chrome to block sounds on all websites except for a few selected ones. Now if blocked website plays sound, I can see tiny icon in right of my URL bad. It's absolutely unobtrusive, yet I can enable sound with two clicks.

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