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> If you want more access

which is somewhat ironic, because the goal of a web app is to break free of the walled garden and become OS-independant.

No way that's happening on iOS as long as Apple takes 30% off the top

Yes because think of all the money Apple gets from taking 30% all of the free apps that would be free web apps....

There are very few free apps. Most of apps are paid with ads or external subscription. And Apple wants cut there as well.

Apple doesn’t have an ad network outside of the little money it makes from ads on the App Store itself.

Also, Apple may want a cut of the subscription revenue but most companies who have significant subscription revenue, don’t go through Apple’s subscriptions payments.

Apple doesn't get a cut of ads within apps. A free app with ads doesn't make Apple any more then the $99/year for being a developer

The 30% includes any kind of subscriptions or payment tied to the user account.

Seeing that most major subscription services on the App Store are already forcing users to subscribe outside of the App Store, Apple isn’t getting a cut of subscriptions from the most popular service.

How many apps require a subscription and cannot be a web app because of limitations of Safari?

How many paid apps would be websites if it weren’t for limitations of Safari?

The moment you offer in-app payment, apple gets a cut. This goes as far as not allowing apps that link to payment outside of the appstore's payment system.

There is a huge number of cordova apps out there. These are webapps inside a native wrapper, to access exactly those features that are crippled in safari. Reliable storage, push notifications, and not much more.

Yet dozens on companies have had successful businesses not doing in app purchases - like Amazon.

Yeah big players get an exception - not a good example.

ACloudGuru does not allow you to pay for subscriptions via in app purchases, Udemy allows both. A company can decide whether it is right for their business model to allow in app purchases exclusively or along side their own payment options.

Hulu for instance allows in app purchases for the regular Hulu service but not Hulu Live

Yeah, cause everything in the browser is free, right?

Clearly it's A LOT of money for apple. If they didn't care about the money then they would just allow it so everyone could avoid receiving payments using apple and giving them 30 %.

That still doesn’t answer the question. How many websites were required to be apps because of limitations of Safari?

What makes you think users would willy nilly put their credit card on every random website.

Everyone can avoid using Apple for subscriptions. There are existence proofs of apps on the store that require payments outside of the store - like all digital content from Amazon.

Most of the money that people spend on the App Store are from games and in app consumables. Especially since the major services like Netflix and Spotify don’t allow in app subscriptions.

Which in a current situation is running a risk to fall into Google's walled garden. It is not there yet but Google's working hard on subverting the Internet.

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