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I have an app which isn't offline, but I wanted to make use of IndexedDB and LocalStorage to make things faster for users. Now I wonder if it's worth the effort to even try. I think this pretty much kills the utility of all local storage initiatives.

My app is an inventory control system used by businesses that build electronics (https://partsbox.com/). Deleting client-side data after 7 days is ridiculous. You can't assume that people will always log in every week, in small businesses or design/manufacturing companies there are times when 2-3 weeks can pass without building new hardware or touching inventory.

Both your and Apple's concerns are valid. This change makes the fact (arguably) that these local storages are caches apparent.

Some web apps already saw the danger of having an easily purge-able storage on the client side and simply implemented an export function for their tools. I admire those tools more than the ones who overuse local storage for everything.

One such tool is draw.io, a flowchart maker. You use the app, persist everything in local storage and when you are done, you export your project into a file, all happening on the client side. When you need to edit, you import the file on launch. It's portable, it's protected from browser bugs/decisions and imho pretty user (privacy) friendly.

Your demo page is 3.23 MB. ~500KB is javascript, ~500KB is CSS and another ~400KB is web fonts. The parts database is 24 KB. That's certainly not the first place I would look for an optimization target, even for customers with very large parts databases.

With respect, I believe you are mistaken about what my important use cases are like.

Not going to go into details, but that JavaScript, CSS and fonts are all immutable assets, never to be requested again, while the database is significantly larger for clients who run their businesses using this software.

CouchDB and Amplify Datastore do delta syncs, should this get around the problem?

If you put data in IDB, it will stay there for 7 days and then if it gets deleted the delta sync would just download it again.

I see two problems: - apps with client-side-only data, i.e PWAs served from static sites - delta sync, although useful, is little help when what the dev wanted was a fast start

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