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Replacing pictures wont help (they already have them), GDPR request for deletion might work better but on the other side you also give them your confirmed identity. With companies as shady as this one, they might just set a flag in their database and add your documents data to them.

As you have figured out on your own, public should listen to some people warning about this for more than decade instead of making fun from them (tin foil hat,...).

And if anyone thinks that google and facebook are not having their own versions of clearview, think again. Any form of online presence under real name has to be minimized and it is doable but this would mean that all personal narcissistic pushes would need to be stopped (or should I say - cured) and refrain yourself from using any personal information (no, you wont secure my account by having my phone number, provide me TOTP if the security is really the reason) on the internet while avoiding it beeing stolen by apps (application firewalls, sending back fake data and not using any google applications including removing their preinstalled spyware by rooting the phone).

I can guarantee you that you wont be missing anything relevant (I am doing it for more than decade). But. Will you do that? Can you do that? Do you want to do that? Most people just rather take blue pill.

> With companies as shady as this one, they might just set a flag in their database and add your documents data to them.

This is exactly my fear. If they were more legitimate, I wouldn't be worried about sending an ID card. Thinking if it makes sense to fake an ID with my real picture on it so they can give me the data and 'delete' it but with a fake name to make sure I'm at least not feeding the troll.

GDPR request for deletion might work better

Dumb question - how can anyone be sure that companies actually delete the data? What about the backups, what happens to the data there? How do these govt enforcers verify this? Also, what about Clearview's employees abusing the data? what stops them from snooping on someone they are interested in?

It is actually not stupid. Nothing stops them except a liability for a hefty fine if they are cought. In same manner as nothing stops criminal from stealing your car. But there might be a jail sentance that deters him from doing it. Some cars will be stolen, some criminals cought and jailed. Sure, car has locks. It is preventive measure. Same as not uploading your personal data/pictures/... to "public" servers.

It's pretty easy to check whether or not they are still selling a profile of John Q Deleted to customers, since anyone be a customer.

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