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Yep. "I trust this entity with my data" is absolutely not an argument to be lax with your privacy.

Take Pebble for example. They had a very invasive privacy policy and reserved the right to upload pretty much anything from your phone via the companion app, but they were a cool hacker-friendly hardware startup and a lot of people trusted them.

Years down the track they ran out of runway (the ugly side of "unicorn or bust" venture capital but that's another rant) and were bought out by Fitbit. Meh, Fitbit seemed pretty good with privacy too so that's alright, I guess?

Now Google's bought Fitbit and potentially has a bunch of very personal, private data on everyone who originally trusted Pebble.

Why were Pebble and Fitbit more trustworthy? Because they were "cool"?

And because they had only one source of data, namely their watch/armband, and were not cross referencing it with search queries, YouTube views, etc. Unlike Google, needless to say.

Whether the really were or not is another question. Personally, I didn't trust them any more, but a lot of people did.

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