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This guy's name is Tom Smith. Go ahead and pop that into Google and let me know how that turns out.

His name is about as generic as you could imagine for a white person. But they returned a bunch of images of HIM, and one Alexey Something-or-other, which could be his troll account.

Edit: the Alexey part is a joke, I'm sorry but I thought it was funny.

TIL generic names (in your geographic region) are good ways to promote privacy.

I always wondered how the Chinese authorities figured that out considering the massive name reuse in China. I can’t watch a Chinese movie or TV show without at least one character sharing the surname (the first part in China) of a Chinese person I know.

Smith would be our classic version in the west.

The Romani people have used it as a general tool to make it difficult to govern them. The local equivalent of "John Smith" gets used by everybody in every official form. Meanwhile, they just call each other what they otherwise would've.

China handles it by making you put your national id # or phone # on everything you do.

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