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Dlang is a better C. DMD, the reference compiler for Dlang, can also compile and link with C programs. It can even compile and link with C++03 programs.

It has manual memory management as well as garbage collection. You could call it hybrid memory management. You can manually delete GC objects, as well as allocate GC objects into manually allocated memory.

The Zig website says "The reference implementation uses LLVM as a backend for state of the art optimizations." However, LLVM is consistently 5% worse than the GCC toolchain at performance across multiple benchmarks. In contrast, GCC 9 and 10 officially support Dlang.

Help us update the GCC D compiler frontend to the latest DMD.

Help us merge the direct-interface-to-C++ into LLVM D Compiler main. https://github.com/Syniurge/Calypso

Help us port the standard library to WASM.

>However, LLVM is consistently 5% worse than the GCC toolchain at performance across multiple benchmarks

That is true, but it is ALSO true that LLVM is consistently 5% better than the GCC toolchain at performance across multiple benchmarks

D seems like its pitch is "a better C++," but "a better C" doesn't seem quite right.

D's whole premise of "being a better C++" has always made them look like argumentative jerks. Why build a language on top of a controversy? Their main argument from early 2000s: C++ requires a stdlib and compiler toolchain is not required to provide one. Wtf D? I mean I understand that C++ provides a lot of abstractions on top of C to call itself "more" than C, but what does D provide other than a few conveniences? If you even consider garbage collection or better looking syntax or more consistent, less orthogonal sytax a convenience. It didn't even have most of it's current features when it was first out back in early 2000s. Trying to gain adoption through creating some sort of counterculture what are they? 14?. /oneparagraphrant

It is probably the case that D has a brilliant engineer team who doesn't really focus on the PR side of things. D definitely provides value over C/C++ other than a few sugars for the syntax. It is just not communicated that well.

It has an official subset and associated compiler flag. (https://dlang.org/spec/betterc.html)

Can DMD compile C programs though? That's what "zig cc" does, and it's so much easier to get up-and-running than any crossdev setup I've used before.


Not really, because unlike Zig, D doesn't allow for C common security exploits, unless one explicitly write them as such.

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