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People really do appreciate such convenience. I am not familiar with Zig, but GO provides me similar experiences for cross-compilation.

Being able to bootstrap FreeBSD/amd64, Linux/arm64, and actually commonly-used OS/ARCH combinations in a few minutes is just like a dream, but it is reality for modern language users.

I'm all for cross compilation, but in reality you still need running copies of those other operating systems in order to be able to test what you've built.

Setting up 3 or 4 VM images for different OSes takes a few minutes. Configuring 3 or 4 different build environments across as many OSes on the other hand ...

And actually building on these potentially very low-power systems...

Sure, but building typically takes more resources than executing, so it's not really feasible to use a Raspberry Pi to build, but it can be for testing.

Yes but the dev setup is not really necessary for all of those OSes.

Only if not using OS APIs.

Yeah sorry I didnt think about. Probably very important as low level code like this mainly for talking with OS APIs

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