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Why does zig purposely fail on windows text files by default? Do you really expect a language to catch on when you are purposely alienating windows users by refusing to parse \r for some bizarre reason?

Ok. So I'm currently writing something that parses zig code and explicitly not having to worry about \r is a godsend.

To be clear, not needing to ignore a single character is somehow a 'godsend'?

Also tabs. I eventually discovered how to use parser combinators, but I would have made it more frustrating to get started and I'm somewhat conscientious the cognitive burden of these sorts of things can get overwhelming, especially for a project I'm not getting paid for.

Does zig error out on tabs too?

Why not just put this in the compiler like every other compiler in existence?

And here I was just amazed from the blog post at the Windows support in cross compilation in either direction.

I find it hard to believe that someone could be capable of writing a non-trivial program but not able to change their text editor settings to use \n.

Every compiler handles it fine, I just can't wrap my head around why someone would intentionally cripple their software to alienate the vast majority of their potential users. I understand the problem and how to solve it, but it's such a giant red flag there is no way I'll care about this language. Most people probably don't actually understand why it fails and why a simple hello world program fails.

I'm floored that so many people would ignore this barrier to entry and somehow rationalize such a ridiculous design choice. If you make things straight up break for all windows users by default in your new language, it's going nowhere. No rationalization or excuses will change that reality.

Among programmers, distinction between CRLF and LF is known. Among non-programmers, you may well see people who will try to write code in WordPad, and that doesn't mean compilera should parse WordPad documents as source files. Do you expect people to write code in Notepad? If not, any reasonable programmer's editor supports Unix EOLs. Guide them to use Notepad++ or VSCode with proper options/plugins, case closed. Otherwise, you may as well complain about handling of mixed tabs & spaces in Python, or the fact that C requires semicolons.

Defaults cause zig to error out. This isn't that hard to understand or fix. It isn't even clear when it happens because it's just not something that any other compiler would error on. It isn't about being able to fix it, it about creating an assanine hurdle for anyone trying the language for the first time in windows. No other compiler or scripting language makes someone jump through that hoop. It is completely ridiculous. I still can not believe anyone would defend this decision. Do you want people to use it or not?

I have no issue with that decision at all and find it akin to Go forcing users to adhere to gofmt, and I don't use Zig. A good error message would be nice (EDIT: A zigfmt would be even better).

How many developers who try out new languages are even using Windows? I'd imagine most are on a UNIX-like. Regardless, I don't think it's a big deal either way. You could always make a merge request with a fix if you feel so strongly about it.

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