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Global Catastrophic Risk (wikipedia.org)
12 points by downshun 13 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

See were were worried about man made bio-weapons when it's been bats this whole time.

The bats weren't a problem, until we disrupted their habitat, and hunted them for food ;)

... and it's not just bats :(

Should we stop worrying about man made bio-weapons now that it's been shown to have crippling effects on the world and world economy? If you want to sow chaos, there is probably no better attack vector.

It could end up worse than nuclear war. Nuclear leads to quick mutually assured destruction. An escalating biological war (or a destabilization of our poorly understood living substrate) could make living on earth worse than nuclear death.

Shortsightedness. Look up that Einstein quote about WW4. He knew what he was talking about. Better than me, anyhow.

Natural pandemic at 0.05%... ha!

You need to understand this is for really lasting results. Current pandemic, as tragic and catastrophic as it seems, is really inconsequential in the long run.

The kind of natural pandemic in the statistic is probably something that would change humanity as we know it, maybe killing it off completely or disrupting / setting back civilization significantly.

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