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Memory Management and Efficient Graph Processing in Rust [pdf] (semanticscholar.org)
24 points by excerionsforte 13 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

From the conclusion:

When we started this project, we found that Rust was more difficult to use than any other language we had used previously. Ownership and moves were foreign concepts to is, and we were constantly fighting the Rust compiler. Towards the end of the project, however, we realized that we were fighting the compiler less andless, likely due to a deeper understanding of ownership and lifetimes. Although we acknowledge that Rust has a steep learningcurve, it was almost fun to use towards the end.

Looks like a generic Rust newbie experience. I guess after a while they'll find it real fun to use.

The mention of Graphs does point to a weakness/difficulty in Rust - any cyclical references are very difficult to manage.

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