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We started a $1.5K MMR Payment service – Story of Payhere (oyestartups.com)
8 points by phawk 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Anything that competes with paypal in anyway I will applaud. Congrats.

I'm looking for a clone that does not have terms that include "may not use the Service to sell or distribute offensive (as determined by payhere)...offensive and illegal content include: things that are sexually-oriented or pornographic"

Perhaps someone will make a similar ux that moves bit-like coins and includes easy access to finding methods to get their local cash converted into whatever coins can be moved through it.

Happy to read a good interview, i have couple of doubts

can we use payhere as an alternative to stripe or mollie?

Yes absolutely. Payhere is designed to be a super simple payments solution, think Stripe for non-technical individuals. Anyone can setup a payment form for a subscription, one-off payment or donations in minutes.

say, i have an app which is written in laravel as back end and vue as front end, i am not a tech savvy, so it will be easy to implemented , right? that will be cool !!


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