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Show HN: Protect your domain quickly with PrivacyTrail tips (privacytrail.com)
2 points by farmerdee 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

Hi all,

Please see my new tool, PrivacyTrail. Feedback, comment and tips to improve much appreciated.

The goal of developing PrivacyTrail was to allow organisations of all sizes to assess their digital privacy, especially those who can't afford expensive threat intelligence tooling or haven't got the time to do it themselves.

This is great. I'd love to see automated recurring scheduled scans and it e-mails me the results if anything changes.

Thanks for giving it a whirl! Having some kind of subscription and monitoring service is definitely an option in terms of where to take it. I'm torn on whether my time is best spent doing that or adding features and improving the UI. Good to know its useful!

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