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Ask HN: Who is hiring right now?
1083 points by whoishiring on March 23, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 790 comments
We thought it might be helpful to do this sooner than usual. The next regular monthly thread will be in 9 days.

This was suggested by a user who wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you, masked man!

There's a corresponding thread for job seekers here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22665396


Please state the job location and include the keywords REMOTE, INTERNS and/or VISA when the corresponding sort of candidate is welcome. When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE. Don't include both!

Please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards. Only one post per company. If it isn't a household name, please explain what your company does.

Commenters: please don't reply to job posts to complain about something. It's off topic here.

Readers: please only email if you are personally interested in the job.

Searchers: Try https://findwork.dev/?source=hn, https://kennytilton.github.io/whoishiring/, https://hnhired.com/, https://hnjobs.emilburzo.com, https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10313519.

PBS | Various Engineers | Full-Time | ONSITE (Flexible WFH) | Alexandria, VA

PBS serves the American public with programming and services of the highest quality, using media to educate, inspire, entertain, and express a diversity of perspectives. We're hiring engineers for multiple platforms to build the PBS Kids and General Audience video products:

  • Senior Backend Engineer - https://tinyurl.com/v7c8nb2
  • Senior Frontend Engineer - https://tinyurl.com/stab99u
  • Full Stack Web Engineer - https://tinyurl.com/sufbv47
  • Senior iOS Engineer - https://tinyurl.com/tcxfmqm
If you want to work on meaningful apps with audiences of millions, please apply at the links above or email the hiring manager, Bill, at digitaljobs@pbs.org.

I love PBS; the work you & your team are doing make the world better!

Is there a reason pbs.org doesn't use TLS?

you should re-read the rules. "Commenters: please don't reply to job posts to complain about something. It's off topic here."

I was going to snark back at you, perhaps they don't feel the need to cargo cult?

But I see they take your resume and PII over plain http as well. oh well, next!

thank you for continuing PBS! we enjoy your programming and dedication to quality!

iOS link appears to be broken fyi

Notion | Engineer, Designer, Sales, Marketing, PM, Support | SF | https://www.notion.so | Full-time Onsite

== Intro ====================================

Hey there, Notion founder here. At Notion, our goal to create the general purpose work tool for a post-file, post-MS Office world. My cofounder and I often joke that this was like the "hot startup topic" of the 90s. Unfortunately, tools for knowledge workers haven't advanced much since then. The state of art is either Google Docs/Quip/Dropbox Paper (multiplayer WordPerfect), or rigid SAAS apps (forms + a table+ some buttons).

This is our product: https://notion.so

We are looking for people with the following roles: https://www.notion.so/jobs

We made a graphic novel about why we exist: https://notion.so/about

Read more reviews on WSJ and Product Hunt. (Notion was one of the fastest voted of all time): https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-only-app-you-need-for-work-.... https://www.producthunt.com/posts/notion-2-0

We are a bunch of artsy nerds in SF. The business is profitable and growing very fast. We have a beautiful artist loft in the SF Mission district, with some of the best investors out there (notion.so/about).

== Apply =======================================

Please see details here ->> https://www.notion.so/jobs

Not looking for a job, but Notion's Full Stack Engineer job description (https://www.notion.so/Full-Stack-Engineer-Notion-60ba853553e...) has always struck me as, what I envision as, an ideal full stack product "person" (whatever that means). I'm genuinely curious what people think, how does one build up the skills to fill that type of role?

Not looking for a job either but likewise I did always really like their designer posting: https://www.notion.so/Designer-Who-Can-Code-Notion-bfd327660...

Comes off as very authentic, nice to see photos of the team/office, and a good elaboration on the role and product. Just seems very down to earth. Well done folks!

Given recent developments do you have plans to open any roles to remote?

I already asked and got no as answer

It strikes me as odd that a company whose software facilitates distributed teams so well doesn't embrace a remote workforce. I'm a Notion user with a ton of ideas and would love to help improve the app but there's just no way I could move to SF to do that.

Slack was on-site only until the current situation. It's shocking how pervasive this mindset is in the bay area.

Wow, that's mad.

It's like a company that sells bikes not letting staff cycle to work.

It's a valid view point that has equal weight to remote teams. In person dynamics among a team is very different from remote. Whether one way is more effective than the other is unproven, but there is definitely a huge difference and at it's worth considering what type of team dynamic you're trying to build at a company.


Hello Ivan, love the product! I'm always checking to apply for a PM opening, but I don't see it on the jobs page!

I'm a CS grad with some work experience (1 year dev, 1 year coding bootcamp teacher). See me as a junior that ramps up quicker than the average junior (e.g. last month I owned a lot of boxes at hackthebox.eu for fun and was a top 5% after 2 weeks of non-stop playing [1]).

I wrote my thesis related to Engelbard. So I think we have a cultural click. Which is why I'm writing all this.

The reason I'm not applying but simply writing things here is because I'm tired of applying (it's hard to hear more than 100+ "no" while at university you were a top student). But I do want to know if you guys think I'm worth considering.

Which is why I'm brutally honest with the following:

Companies tend to reject me due to lack of experience, and (in my opinion) undervalue how quick I can pick things up and how willing I am to work amazingly hard, especially at the beginning of a job. When they hire me they tend to be surprised with how wrong they were about me.

My strength is that I'm a generalist, much more so than most people. My weakness is that people have the perception that I can't be a specialist. But anyone that gave me a chance in hiring me during my freelance time know that I am capable of performing one role as a specialist (full-stack developer with a business and security mindset).

During my good days I tend to have an Elon Musk mindset. He says that working 80 to 100 hours per week means you learn 2 to 2.5 times faster, I mostly agree -- I think it is sometimes more because the interconnectness of things pushes the multiple a bit higher. During my bad days I simply want to work 40 hours per week go home and relax. During these times I sort of don't want to work due to stress, but know that I have to work because it keeps my mind sharp.

[1] I was in "Elon Musk" mode for a month.

I'd appreciate from the downvoters how I can improve.

Shorter - 2-3 sentences. Less is more : ).

I really wish that you guys would open up remote positions! I would absolutely love working for you guys, but can't/won't make the commute

Love the pitch and the culture. If I want a job at some point, you will be one of my first choices!

The Julia Lab (MIT) | DevOps Engineer (+ More) | Onsite or Remote | Full Time | https://julia.mit.edu/

The Julia Lab is a lab in MIT's CSAIL which focuses on the development of software tooling for solving large-scale scientific problems. Named after it's original result, the Julia programming language, the Julia Lab's research ranges from scientific machine learning (SciML) [1] and differentiable programming [2] to large-scale heterogeneous parallel computing [3]. The lab is currently growing in response to new directions and collaborations, and we are looking for both researchers and devops engineers to help with the research activities. We are looking for individuals who can help accelerate scientific machine learning workflows with gitops, develop high-precision continuous benchmarking systems, build and wrap essential scientific computing binaries into Julia packages, and help with the deployment of Julia-based software to alternative architectures. Or those with sufficient compiler, numerical computing, and scientific machine learning knowledge may find alternative projects. Experience with Julia is highly preferred.

[1] Universal Differential Equations for Scientific Machine Learning, https://arxiv.org/abs/2001.04385

[2] A Differentiable Programming System to Bridge Machine Learning and Scientific Computing, https://arxiv.org/abs/1907.07587

[3] Rapid software prototyping for heterogeneous and distributed platforms, https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S09659...

Just an FYI, there are no emails to contact nor any information about how to apply for any of these positions you described anywhere on your website that I can see.

Email crackauc@mit.edu

Hi ChrisRackauckas, for remote are you considering US only? Thanks!

I'm very interested. Sent you an e-mail.

Canonical | The company behind Ubuntu | Software Engineer for Ubuntu Server | Americas or Western Europe Time zones | REMOTE | Full-Time

Canonical has an opening [1] on the Ubuntu Server team. This role would be working on the cloud-init [2], curtin [3], and Ubuntu Advantage Tools [4] Python projects. If you like working with customers, clouds, writing Python, and working in Open Source this would be a great experience for you. Again, this is a full-time, remote position for someone in the Americas or Western European time zones.

I am the hiring manager for this specific role, but we do have many other full-time, remote positions as well [5] so check out those too!

[1] https://grnh.se/b6ff87e61us

[2] https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init

[3] https://github.com/canonicalltd/curtin

[4] https://github.com/canonicalltd/ubuntu-advantage-client

[5] https://grnh.se/e29603601us

Hello. I'm really interested in the Public Cloud Product Manager role. Unfortunately, even after trying to apply from 2 different devices, one Windows and one Mac, on 3 different browsers, I keep getting a "413 Request Entity Too Large" error. Would love to apply and continue Canonical's mission.

Feel free to email me at ITBusinessAdvocate@gmail.com


For the European roles, are you guys willing to help with relocation/a work permit? I'm looking to relocate from the US to Dublin, Ireland.

Don't do it, we've a terrible housing crisis!

My girlfriend already accepted a job in Dublin! I have to relocate :(

Hey, I'm interested :D


Automattic | Remote Global | Remote Only | https://automattic.com

We’re the people behind WordPress.com, Jetpack, WooCommerce, Tumblr, and more. We’re passionate about democratizing publishing so that anyone with a story can tell it, regardless of income, gender, politics, language, or where they live in the world. As CEO Matt Mullenweg says, “We’re building the operating system for a more open, integrated, and user centric web. With more than 1,000 people distributed over 75 countries, we’re constantly iterating.”

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/automattic

Here are some of our open roles:

* Mobile Engineers (Android/iOS): https://automattic.com/work-with-us/mobile-engineers/

* Software Engineer: https://automattic.com/work-with-us/software-engineer/

* Enterprise Platform Engineer (VIP): https://wpvip.com/careers/enterprise-platform-engineer/

* Analytics Engineer: https://automattic.com/work-with-us/analytics-engineer/

Tech Stack: Web: PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, React/Redux, MySQL, Docker, and Elixir.

WordPress VIP is also hirng Support Engineers

* Support Engineer (VIP): https://wpvip.com/careers/support-engineer/

Sourcegraph (https://sourcegraph.com) | Software Engineer, Product Manager, Designer | ALL REMOTE

Sourcegraph makes code search universal so developers can focus on solving problems instead of struggling to find and understand code. Read our master plan to learn more about what we’re building, and why it matters: https://sourcegraph.com/plan

With Sourcegraph, you can instantly search across both your company’s private code and public open-source code with inline code intelligence providing go-to-definition and find-references. Developers at Uber, Lyft, Yelp, and many other companies use Sourcegraph regularly every day.

We just raised a $23M Series B and are growing our team to keep up with customer demand. If you are passionate about making the world better through software, come join us!

Sourcegraph is an equal opportunity workplace; we embrace diversity and welcome people from all backgrounds and communities.

Technologies that we use: Go, TypeScript, React, RxJS, GraphQL, Postgres, Docker, Kubernetes

We’re hiring for many different roles. Apply here: https://github.com/sourcegraph/careers/

Roblox | San Mateo, CA | Full Time | ONSITE (Remote during Shelter In Place)

We are actively hiring and all interviews are currently done via phone & zoom.

Roblox is ushering in the next generation of entertainment, allowing people to imagine, create, and play together in immersive, user-generated worlds. We are recruiting across multiple teams and positions. Our top priority roles are:

Technical Artist: 5+ years’ experience; Proficient in C++, Lua, Python and/or JavaScript

Backend Web Engineer: 5+ years’ experience, Fluent in C#, C++, Java, or another OOP language

C++ / Lua Engineer: 3-5 years’ experience; Proficient in C++; Experience with Lua preferred

C++ / UI Engineer: 3-5+ years’ experience; Proficient in C++; Experience with building very complex end user applications

C++ 3D Modeling Engineer: 3-5+ years'; Proficient in C++ (and/or Python); focus on 3D API's

Data Engineer: 3+ years’ experience; Expert with Java and Go; Custom ETL design, implementation and maintenance

Engineering Manager, Developer Tools (3D); 3-5+ years'; Proficient in C++ (and/or Python); focus on growing and mentoring teams

UI Engineer: 2-4+ years experience; Strong Python; Build tools to accelerate the development process for millions of engineers

Please visit https://corp.roblox.com/careers/ to apply, find more information and/or to see our full list of open positions.

(Sorry for flooding this comment section)

This is pretty rad! My nieces love this game (rather play this than the Switch). They would be psyched if I landed a job here.

I do have the years of experience but and completing my Bachelor's CompSci this fall. So, I'm thinking that it would be better to apply later on.

I'm an experienced back end senior C# developer but I'm not in California. I feel the writing on the wall is that society will be shut down for at least a year while a vaccine is developed.

Would you be open to full remote for a year, after which I would move to the bay area?

I share your concerns, but it is impossible to predict the future state of the world. Roblox is currently looking for candidates who will be available to work full time on our San Mateo campus when it is safe to do so. We will provide relocation for qualified candidates.

CTRL-labs (part of Facebook Reality Labs) | Research Engineer | NYC | Full-time, Onsite | https://www.ctrl-labs.com/

Facebook Reality Labs is looking for Research Engineers to help us unleash human potential by erasing the bottlenecks between intent and action. Our neural interface research and development lies at the intersection of computational neuroscience, machine learning, signal processing, biophysics, and human-computer interaction. As Research Engineer, you will: drive cutting edge research and development for our core machine learning platform; create new experiments and models that unlock the capabilities of our technology; work across scientists, software engineers, hardware engineers and designers to set the company’s scientific agenda. To do so, you will need strong problem solving abilities, excellent communication skills, extensive programming experience, and a passion for efficient tools and systems.


Love what you guys are doing. How far away do you think the organization is from hiring product people?

Nomad Health | Software Engineers | New York, NY and Charlotte, NC | Full-Time, REMOTE available

* Help Nomad put clinicians on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19. *

Nomad Health is changing the way nurses and doctors find work. We are eliminating the chaotic and inelegant healthcare staffing system of yesterday with a simple and modern digital platform. A team of builders and makers, our engineers are creative, highly-motivated problem solvers who want to improve the world of healthcare with code, technology systems, data and automation. We are serving our clinicians who are on the front lines every day fighting this pandemic that is impacting so many lives. If you're interested in making an impact far greater than your next line of code, come check us out!


Front-end Engineers (React, Next.js)

Back-end Engineers (Python, Flask)


Sounds interesting and I'd like to apply. Just for clarification, what do you mean by "remote available"?

Shopify | All R&D Roles | Global | Full-time | Onsite/Remote [All remote for now]

Shopify is hiring for all R&D roles!

We’re an all-in-one commerce platform building tools to start, grow, market, and manage retail businesses of any size (from your fave local shops to behemoths like GymShark and Allbirds).

We support over 1 million merchants on our global platform. Our current stack is primarily Ruby, Rails, React, React Native, Go, Kafka, GraphQl, etc.

We’re looking for builders who want to solve highly technical problems with really powerful tools.

We have open roles for: Sr/Staff Developers Principal Engineers Technical Leads Developer Managers Sr. Site Reliability Engineer Directors of engineering Backend, FED, Mobile

Check out: https://www.shopify.com/careers/

Here’s two on my team specifically: https://www.shopify.com/careers/director-of-engineering-reta...


I wish Shopify would hire more engineering related workers in EU. Support for European payment methods in Shopify API is horrible and I would love to put it work to get more EU payment method support in the Checkout API.

HackerRank | Bangalore, India | Fulltime | Senior/Lead Devops Engineer, Lead SDET, Lead Backend Engineers | ONSITE | www.hackerrank.com

HackerRank is a Y Combinator alumnus backed by tier one Silicon Valley VCs. We are a skills-based hiring platform that helps companies evaluate technical skills, better. We’re driving a new paradigm shift by eliminating resumes and creating opportunities for hundreds of thousands of programmers worldwide. We have a community of 5M+ developers and 1,000+ customers across industries, and the best part is we are just getting started. Our customers - including VMware, Twitter, Capital One and many other Fortune 100 companies - rely on HackerRank to build strong engineering teams.

We're hiring across engineering for the following roles:

- Sr/Lead Backend engineers

- Sr/Lead Devops engineers

- Sr/Lead SDET engineers

Good pay with following benefits:

- Insurance to all Employees (term life, personal accident, medical, gratuity) along with insurance to their dependents(medical).

- Employee stock options, flexible work hours and time off.

- Tech talks every week.

- Onsite gym, telephone, internet etc. Our pantry is stocked with healthy snacks, fruits, Coffee and free catered lunch every day.

- Ping pong, hoverboard, foosball, PS4 and many office celebrations like Mafia games, outings, movie evenings to name a few!

Please send an email to anil@hackerrank.com with "WHOISHIRING" in the subject line, with your resume/CV, and a little bit about yourself and relevant experience.

Gruntwork | 100% Remote | Full-time | Full-stack engineers, Frontend Engineers | https://gruntwork.io

Gruntwork co-founder here. We aim to improve humanity's most important invention: Software. Our product enables software teams to launch and maintain production-grade cloud infrastructure in days, not months.

We create the building blocks that devs and DevOps engineers can use to make launching in the cloud 10x better / faster / easier. We think of our work as creating a new paradigm for how DevOps can be done, one that leverages the insight that so many companies re-invent so much of the foundations that software engineers need to build and launch their apps. We work primarily with AWS, K8s, Terraform, Go, Typescript, and React, and introduce new tech as needed. We’re a small team (~15 people), but our clients include the United Nations, Adobe, TicketMaster, Verizon, and lots of startups.

We are profitable, self-funded (no investors, no debt), pay salaries, equity, and bonuses according to transparent formulas, and are very focused on building a company we're proud of. We are 100% remote, with half our team in the USA and half in Europe/Africa. We have company-wide in-person meetups every few months. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds.

Our measure of a successful Grunt is (1) make impact, (2) think like an owner, (3) communicate effectively, and (4) be a good person. If this sounds like you, we're hiring:

- Software Engineer (full-stack)

- Senior Software Engineer (full-stack)

- Principal Software Engineer (full-stack)

- Frontend Engineer (bonus points for some design skills)

For the European roles, are you guys willing to help with relocation or with work permits? I'm a US citizen looking to relocate to Europe.

If Paris is an option for you. Lookup “La French Tech.” It’s a visa program that enables French startups to easily hire foreigners.

We don't help with relocation because we're 100% remote!

I visited your website, and your work seems to be pretty cool! Are you also open to devs in Asian timezones?

Unfortunately, per https://blog.gruntwork.io/how-we-hire-at-gruntwork-42193d583..., we don't hire any "later" than Helsinki, Finland, and even then we'd prefer to keep it no later than Berlin, Germany if possible. Otherwise, collaborating together winds up requiring someone to get up really early or stay up really late.

Twitter | San Francisco, CA and REMOTE | Frontend/backend/fullstack, data science, and engineering management

We're starting a new team to build a new capacity management system for our infrastructure platform. This iteration has a stronger product focus on enabling engineers while supporting partners in finance and supply.

We need to build internal tooling to predict demand, track supply, prioritize allocations, and report on utilization across a large fleet of physical servers (>100k) and an expanding footprint in public cloud. We need data pipelines, clear visualizations and UIs, forecasting, reporting, etc.

Hiring is across the stack and includes a data scientist and engineering manager. Product focused engineers who can engage with internal customers, challenge the status quo, and rapidly iterate are especially suitable.

SF is preferred but we're open to other Twitter offices and fully remote.

* https://careers.twitter.com/en/work-for-twitter/202003/softw...

* https://careers.twitter.com/en/work-for-twitter/202003/softw...

* https://careers.twitter.com/en/work-for-twitter/202003/data-...

* https://careers.twitter.com/en/work-for-twitter/202003/senio...

This is a great team to consider at Twitter. But if this isn't quite what you're looking for, I'd just like to add that many teams at Twitter are specifically looking to hire people outside of San Francisco (either at other offices or working from home... but note that we don't yet have the ability to directly employ people in every country). Protip: even if a job listing mentions a location different from where you live, apply anyway and mention where you'd want to work from. We are currently actively hiring for many teams (see https://careers.twitter.com). For now, all interviews are virtual, including virtual office tours if you would intend to eventually work in one of our offices once they reopen after COVID-19 is under control. (Modulo the undeniable stress of current world events, which we all try to support each other through), the transition to 100% remote work has gone remarkably well.

I'm mostly seeing "5+ years" as the experience requirement on all positions, senior or otherwise. Is that an absolute or negotiable? Thanks!

Knowing python is necessary?

I have 5+ yoe in Java/Full stack development. Will it work?

Hi, is this Contract or Fulltime?

These are fulltime positions.

Dailymotion | Sophia Antipolis, Nice Area, France | ONSITE | Junior / mid-level JavaScript developer | Full-time

My team (video player core & performance) is looking for someone with 1-3 years of JS experience. You need have some basic level of familiarity with vanilla JavaScript and be willing to learn. No knowledge about video stuff required.

We're currently 14 people in the Sophia office, including 3 in my team. The two main sites are Paris and NYC with ~400 people. Dailymotion is owned by Vivendi, a huge media conglomerate.

I'm not a hiring manager but feel free to ping for details - info in HN profile.


Note: you should be eligible to work in France (EU citizen, have a visa etc.; the work permit process is complicated lately.)

CodeWeavers | St Paul, MN, USA | Full Time | REMOTE | Wine, 3D Graphics, and General Open Source Developers | C-language systems programming


CodeWeavers is hiring skilled C programmers to work on the open source Wine project and other related open source projects, including several 3D graphics projects (Vulkan, OpenGL, and Direct3D). CodeWeavers partnered with Valve Software to integrate Wine into the Steam for Linux client as a part of the Steam Play (Proton) initiative. This allows Linux gamers to play Windows games on Linux more easily. We need new, full-time developers to improve Wine's ability to run games.

We are hiring remote programmers, US or international, as well as workers local to Saint Paul, Minnesota. We will consider relocation, if desired, on a case-by-case basis. Please see link above for information, benefits, requirements, and how to apply.

(I've removed the phrase "or O N S I T E" from this post because that signifies that R E M O T E is not an option, which is clearly not what you intended. It screws up text searches, which is why I've added spaces to those words here too.)

Didn't realize that. Thank you.

Open Source & Gaming are both areas known for low salaries. What salary range is the "Graphics Developer" opening in?

I'm not able to answer that. Please feel free to send questions to the email address listed on the jobs page.

Not trying to be rude, but you will get more applicants if people feel that they aren't going to be wasting their time to apply for the position. Hiding pay starts the employment relationship off on the wrong foot at best, and at worst signals that there is something to hide.

Please don't post like this here. It's common for people to be under constraints about what they're able to reveal publicly. Maybe coldpie feels exactly the same as you do.

Fair enough. Thank you.

I'm curious about 'No exposure to Microsoft code or reverse-engineering of Microsoft software'. Are you able to elaborate here? -Thanks!

They work on a compatibility layer for Windows applications on Linux. While "clean room" implementations are fine, it legally gets a bit dicey if you have someone who has reverse engineered Windows or seen their source code working on the project.

McKinsey & Company | Engineers and Data Scientists | NYC, Bay Area, Atlanta, Waltham | Full-time | Remote for now

My team at McKinsey & Company builds software tools for some of the biggest financial services firms in the world. We also do digital business building in real estate and other industries, as well as machine learning to solve real world challenges.

We are hiring folks who want to work on interesting problems, in a professional environment.

Your skills: application development, data pipelines, testing / software quality, agile / working with stakeholders

What we offer: excellent benefits, competitive pay, flexible working environment, interesting problems

Apply here:

Front end: https://www.mckinsey.com/careers/search-jobs/jobs/front-endd...

Full stack: https://www.mckinsey.com/careers/search-jobs/jobs/fullstackd...

Data science: https://www.mckinsey.com/careers/search-jobs/jobs/seniordata...

Email me with questions at Chris_Anderson at mckinsey.com

I'm a junior data scientist at a consulting company. I was on a project in NYC for over a year with a Fortune 500 Entertainment company, but project ended as soon as all of this corona virus stuff hit. Now, I am on the bench and a bit scared I will laid off now that I am on the bench, which sucks because I've been on projects pretty much my entire time I started at the company.

With that being said, if I apply to McKinsey and get the job, do you think I will walk in with that same doubt of not being placed on a project due to the crisis occurring right now?

Thank you Chris!

- A

My team, the financial services lab, is in an asset building role, so we are less sensitive to utilization rate than other groups.

Can you clarify what "remote for now" means? Should new hires expect to have to relocate in a few months?

It means if you are hired to work in the SV office, you won't be expected to interview in person, or work in person until the crisis is resolved. The roles are not remote roles, but there's no going into the office at the moment.

Also for relocations, I think it might be worth clarifying whether or not the candidate is expected to move to the area prior to the role.

Right now I'm targeting a relo and have asked this of several of the 8 or so companies I'm in process with... while some have confirmed it is okay to remain in my current home, several are unsure.

The big difference would be a sooner start date but an idea that once office work can resume the candidate may be taking a week off for relocation.

How do you define "the crisis is resolved"?

I think we're ALL trying to work that one out.

I strongly believe that work that could be done remotely MUST be done remotely until the coronavirus vaccine is developed and deployed (even if at the expense of some potential performance loss and/or corporate culture impact; though it is arguable, especially the performance aspect). Lifting off the remote option would IMO be a recipe for much more suffering due to a significant contribution to next waves of the virus spread.

so the answer to the second question is "yes, most likely"?

Not necessarily. Don't work at McKinsey, but don't they have a reputation for flying their workforce to the client sites Monday-Thursday, no matter where the engineer lives?

On my most recent project, we were mostly remote, but onsite for a couple of days a month, on the project before that, there was a dedicated floor at the client facility, staffed by a mix of client and Firm people Monday - Thursday. On Fridays most colleagues reconvene at the Firm's offices for internal meetings. Needless to say, we aren't traveling like that now.

I've always been remote so it's been interesting watching everyone transition.

Khan Academy | Mountain View, CA and REMOTE USA/CANADA | Senior Backend / Fullstack | https://khanacademy.org/careers

We're a non-profit with a mission to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. It's a big mission that we're taking on step by step. While we want anyone to be able to get a great education independently, we've been focusing a lot on trying to help teachers working in their classrooms (and a lot of teachers and parents are using Khan away from their classrooms right now!)

Our site has been built on Python 2 and Google App Engine for its first 10 years of existence. We're now in the midst of a rebuild in Go (still on App Engine).[1] Parts of that new Go-based infrastructure are already running in production.

To say that this is an exciting time for us would be an understatement, I think, but we continue to have working sustainably as an engineering principle. (Our principles are available publicly[2].)

[1]: http://engineering.khanacademy.org/posts/goliath.htm [2]: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ZQ-HTuH38L8sf4ZObfJN...

I love how it says 'if you're not a household name explain what your business does', and you go on to explain Khan Academy.

haha everyone knows y'all! You guys are legends. Thanks for the kind and generous work you do over there!

Thanks! We are fortunate to have good name recognition. One thing we've noticed is that a lot of folks don't know that we're a non-profit, so we try to make that point as much as we can.

Edit to add: speaking for myself and my perception of my coworkers... We just feel amazingly fortunate to have the opportunity to work toward our mission.

You're very fortunate, indeed. :) It's very frustrating when you can't find a job aligned with your values. Tbh, one of the reasons I've decided to create zoonk.org (my current side project) was because I couldn't get a job at Khan Academy or Wikimedia.

Are there positions for software engineer interns? I have been looking all the time and I keep missing the recruitment window.

My academic life would be so painful without khanacademy and it'd be great to contribute to this.

I'm happy to hear that you've found us helpful in your academic life!

We don't have internship openings right now. We generally do those interviews in the fall (for the following summer).

> we're a non-profit

Does that mean all your financials are public? Where can we find the full reports?

Thanks! It would be great if you could specify the salary range here as well.

I don't know what the range is, or if we post those publicly. What I do know is that we pay competitively, but we obviously don't have stock so there is no stock component to the pay. Someone whose primary goal is to make money would likely do well to look at companies with big stock and bonus plans.

People who are looking to make a good tech salary and help the world at the same time will be happy at Khan, I think.

Actually, I'd say that even if they think they're a household name, they should still explain what they do. I'm not very tuned into the consumer economy and there are likely a lot of "household names" I've never heard of.

It gets old researching every company name that's not familiar :-(

I was being facetious my friend. I'm in marketing so I'm well aware.

I had the utter pleasure if contributing some code to a (now defunct) Khan Academy project. Some of the most amazing people I've encountered in OSS.

Truly a gem of the internet, in every way.

> we continue to have working sustainably as an engineering principle

For me this is a major factor in choosing an employer so I followed your link ([2]) but did not see anything in your principles that refers to working sustainably or work-life balance, etc.

Oh, right you are! My mistake, which is funny because I worked on the engineering principles.

The engineering principles take our overall organization values and lay out engineering-specific takes on them. I haven't seen the organization values posted publicly, but one of the top line values is "Work responsibly and sustainably" and I can say firsthand that this is something we talk about in management meetings.

^ Eng manager here at Khan, I can vouch for this!! We have a huge emphasis on work life balance on our team.

+1... Software Engineer here at Khan. I can confirm that as well, and I can say with all confidence that we have a good work-life balance here :)


stupid question, but why NA-only? I'm based in Europe, and I love what Khan Academy does. I have checked your career site in the past, but NA-only means I don't even apply. It's such a shame for Khan Academy.

Hi! There are no stupid questions. I wanted to make sure I had the right answer, so I had actually just spoken with my manager about this yesterday.

As of now, in order to ensure legal compliance, we work through another company for hiring outside of where we're officially incorporated. Because of this, it's just too expensive for us to hire people elsewhere.

This is beyond the timezones and other logistical issues, of course.

Interesting, I'd have assumed that it's much cheaper because of the insane salaries in the US, compared to even salaries in UK or Germany.

Anyway, I know so many people in Europe who absolutely love Khan Academy. Keep that in mind when thinking about expanding your talent pool :).

Also keep in mind that if you can hire in one EU country, you get access to the talent pool of the whole EU, since I can just show up in any EU country and start working.


Those are all good points, and we do love our learners and teachers in Europe.


Dutchie | Frontend engineers, product roles | REMOTE USA or Bend, OR

Dutchie is the cannabis industry’s leading and fastest-growing e-commerce provider, powering online ordering for the top dispensaries throughout the United States. We are a product-focused company that has created a best-in-class experience for cannabis dispensaries and shoppers.

Since our inception in 2017, we have experienced significant growth. We are backed by Gron Ventures, Snoop Dogg’s Casa Verde Capital, one of the leading cannabis-focused VC’s, members of the founding team at DoorDash, Kevin Durant’s Thirty Five Ventures, and other notable angel investors.

This crisis has provided enormous growth for us as online ordering and delivery of cannabis is getting legalized in more states and deemed essential business in all legal states. We've seen massive increases in sales on our platform over the past few weeks.

We are hiring senior Frontend engineers. We use technologies including React, GraphQL (with Apollo), and Node.

Check out our careers page here: https://dutchie.com/careers

Would you be willing to accept applications for frontend interns with previous work experience on a React team?

They have a link for "Don't see what you're looking for." When you're early in your career, don't be afraid to apply for something that's a little out of your experience. Many software companies struggle to find qualified applicants.

(Just don't get emotionally attached to any position. Give yourself 15 minutes to fill in a cover letter, attach your resume, and move on.)

Loom | Remote or SF (fully remote currently) | Many open roles | Full-time


Loom is empowering people around the world to create quick videos–of their screen, of themselves, or both. More than 2 million users across more than 60,000 companies are using Loom to communicate more effectively.

Personal video pitch from me:


I currently work at Loom. I think it's worth mentioning, when they say it's remote, they actually mean remote and not just "you can work from home sometimes".

I did the whole interview process from home in New Zealand and continue to work in my home city.

What is your tech stack? Wasn't clear from the job descriptions what you use on the backend

Good catch! I created a video going over it for you:


Hey Vinay! Do you guys plan to have open positions for Linux Sys Admins?

Unfortunately not - sorry about that!

Ok! Thanks for the reply.

I joined loom in the fall, it's been great so far!

We love having you with us. :-)

Perry Street Software | New York, NY | Product Manager; Mobile Developer | Remote (WFH) | Full-Time

The publisher of SCRUFF (www.scruff.com) and Jack'd (www.jackd.com), two of the worlds largest queer dating apps, is hiring for Product Manager and Mobile Developer (iOS or Android). Today we are 100% remote, though normally we run a distributed engineering team (1/2 in NYC, 1/2 remote). Our company connects millions of gay, bi, trans and queer people around the world every day. We also take our responsibility to build a safe space seriously, and that's why we're the only major social app not to integrate with Facebook/Instagram and not to incorporate any third-party ad networks.

As a Product Manager, you are a passionate, customer-facing and hands-on team member who will help define the future of Jack’d and SCRUFF. You are a problem solver who is happy collaborating with a team to help grow and transform our products. You get excited by new and existing technologies on your phone. You conceptualize how this will empower our community to better connect with each other and how to enable users to better express their authentic self. You enjoy working with other people and are motivated by the current and potential power of our platform.

As a Mobile Software engineer, you'll be working with the latest technologies (Swift, Kotlin, RxJava, ReactiveSwift) in evolving the architecture for current and future needs in order to develop innovative, consumer-facing mobile products, while supporting the product roadmap. You'll deploy and help us evolve our client into an MVVM architecture. And you'll have an opportunity both to go deep in a specific platform and be exposed to technologies across our stack.

Visit https://www.scruff.com/en/careers for more information!

FBI | ONSITE, Nationwide | Various

* Chief Information Officer - https://apply.fbijobs.gov/psc/ps/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_FL...

* Computer Scientist - https://apply.fbijobs.gov/psc/ps/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_FL...

* Data Analysis - https://apply.fbijobs.gov/psc/ps/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_FL...

* Electronics Technician - https://apply.fbijobs.gov/psc/ps/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_FL...

* Special Agent - https://apply.fbijobs.gov/psc/ps/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM_FL...

Must be a US Citizen. Must be able to obtain a security clearance. Must pass polygraph examination. See further details in postings.

Haven't polygraphs been discredited as inaccurate by now?

They need to gather a pool of people who still believe in them, to administer them. Like DNA, the polygraph is a device that exists to ensure the replication of polygraphs.

Basically, at this point it is a screening tool for people who don't know how unscientific they are, and will get flustered going up against the process (not the device itself). I'm guessing they're assuming the rate of false positives for lying will be relatively low, such that they will still mostly screen out dishonest people.

Singularity 6 | Software Engineers, Artists, Designers | Los Angeles, CA | Full-Time, Onsite

We're hiring!

Let's get a few details out up front:

For the duration of the health crisis, we've transitioned into a fully remote, work-at-home environment. We can interview, hire and onboard you now. We're stable, with money in the bank and we're not going anywhere. We expect all new hires to onboard and work remotely until it's safe and reasonable to relocate to Los Angeles.

Who are we?

We're a VC funded (a16z) game studio in the westside of LA dedicated to the idea that online games can deliver deeper, more meaningful experiences.

With our first project, we’re exploring new styles of game design and tackling difficult technical problems to create a game that’s beautiful and intricate, delivering far more than superficial entertainment or basic wish fulfillment, an experience that becomes a meaningful part of your life. Our vision is to create a compelling virtual universe filled with rich and diverse gameplay experiences and social interactions that will keep you playing for years, evolving along with you and the rest of the community.. We want our players to feel valued as well as a true sense of belonging.

We're currently hiring across the board and specifically seeking:

- Unreal Engine Game Engineers

- UI/UX Engineers

- SRE / DevOps

To learn more, check out our website and feel free to connect to me directly on LinkedIn (please mention Hacker News!):



Automattic | REMOTE | Full Time | Fully-distributed workforce (70+ countries & counting)

We run WordPress.com, Tumblr, WooCommerce, WordPress VIP, Jetpack, Longreads, Simplenote, Happy Tools, CrowdSignal, Gravatar, and more.

Want to make the web a better place for more than a billion people each month? We’re hiring!

Here are our open positions:



And information about how we work:


Sagri | Lead Programmer/Developer | Tokyo (Remote-First) | Full-Time | $70K - $90K + Stock

> Sagri is an Asia-focused AgTech Startup, helping farmers live a happier life. We help farmers with easy-to-access credit and educate them in increasing their earning potential. We leverage satellite imagery and our proprietory soil sampling technology.

We are a remote-first Startup. We do have our offices in Tokyo and Bangalore. Our current website (Japanese) is at http://sagri.tokyo/, which is being replaced by the global site at https://sagri.co/. The information on our website is, at best minimal and still work-in-progress. If you wish to know more, please contact me at brajeshwar@sagri.tokyo.

More Details at https://github.com/sagri/jobs/blob/master/lead-programmer.md

__Salary, Perks__

We have a maximum budget of ¥10,000,000 per year with some wriggle room. Roughly about ₹70,00,000 or $90,000 per year. We do have Stock Options or ESOP for you. We are new and still working on the details, but you do get a good number.


Tell us a story at jobs@sagri.tokyo with a cover letter, links to some of your best works, highlighting contributions to open source projects. We would love if you can include your LinkedIn, Github/GitLab, Website (your articles and writings), and optionally, a resume.

I would be worth mentioning in the summary that you're looking for someone who can speak both English and Japanese.

Apple | Vancouver BC, Cupertino CA, | ONSITE (well, WFH at the moment) | Full time |

We're still actively interviewing, all interviews over video at the moment. Positions below are in my org, there are more active openings in Vancouver, and of course Cupertino.

Are you passionate about developing large scale software systems to tackle real world problems in Fraud detection and prevention? Do you have experience with ingesting, analyzing and processing large amounts of data for use in real time systems? Are you looking for the chance to engineer solutions from the initial design process to the deployment of the system into production and witness the real-world impact of your hard work? If so, this is most definitely the job for you.

See https://jobs.apple.com/en-ca/details/200136847/software-engi...

We're hiring a top-tier security software engineer to take on these features that will help protect all our customers, no matter how they access our services. The role spans the breadth of the Apple ecosystem, from iOS to web implementation to back-end servers. The role requires you to have a strong background and interest in information, product and system security, a rich experience in SW development and technologies, and to be used to working both autonomously and in close multi-functional collaboration. You will also understand the odds of implementation robustness and security, and will relish the happiness of improving the lives of millions with every commit. You will have the opportunity to lead change at multiple levels of the organization and in procedures and protocols as well as technical implementation.

See https://jobs.apple.com/en-ca/details/200145908/software-engi...

How big is the Vancouver office? Are you in the office off Burrard?

I'm in the Yaletown office, as are the positions I posted. There are definitely open positions in the off Burrard office as well.

The yaletown office has maybe 60 or 70 engineers? The other location is larger I believe (and has a better view), but don't hold that against us!

I had no idea there were so many Apple offices here.

I've applied to multiple positions two weeks ago, no response. What's the typical turn around?

I've applied to Apple before and never received a response. Same for Goog. But even worse, I did a 5-hour on-site with Amazon and never heard back from anyone lol. Seems like standard practice for big corps these days.

A cold resume going into a black hole is unfortunately fairly common. Not hearing anything after an on-site is definitely not normal. Whoever was the Amazon recruiter you were working with definitely dropped the ball.

Definitely dropped the ball. It may seem like a small thing to that recruiter, but this can affect their reputation among talent pool. It happened to me with Microsoft back in the 90s (I was young, in my 20s). I spent a lot of time preparing an application package and solid interviews but then they just went silent. Never heard back. Calls were not returned.

Fast forward to the 2000s (some more years under my belt) Microsoft was actively trying to hire me. But the book was closed on ever working there. I let them know why politely and took a position elsewhere.

Its just lazy to not update candidates. And if the individual HR person cannot, an automated message would be better than nothing. This is just common decency, not rocket science.

I'll second this. When the recruiters drop the ball like this, I discount the entire company. It's probably unfair, especially for a big company, but it's natural.

Normally I'd agree with "definitely not normal", but that was also my experience at Amazon less than a year ago.

4 hour onsite, no message afterwards. That was not the only procedural mess with the interview, either. No biggie, though, because the interview convinced me that I didn't want the job.

Amazon recruiters are a mixed bag, but the nice thing is you can always get another one easily. I’ve been ghosted by lots of recruiters and companies during my job search, even after multiple in-person interviews where I thought I almost had the job.

Apple is a really big place, so there is a lot of variability. On top of that, there is little internal pressure to clean out postings that are essentially stale (no longer have a budget behind them). So you sort of have to get lucky and apply for one that is active.

The other way to find the active ones is to find the recruiters (internal or external) that are posting on non-Apple sites. These are generally active posts, but not all active posts go through them.

And to paraphrase a developer who was talking about another Apple Developer Relations channel, "Great! Another channel for Apple to ignore us on!" (internally I can say that there is a lot of listening, just not a lot of reacting).

Code Heroes | Brisbane, Australia | Full-time | Onsite | https://www.codeheroes.com.au Our stack: Flutter / Dart, Xamarin / C#, Firebase, JavaScript

Code Heroes are a small mobile app company based in Brisbane focusing on mobile application development for medium to large companies. We are currently actively looking for experienced developers that have hands on experience with Flutter (Dart), or those with mobile app development history and a willingness to learn.

The job is full-time and onsite with a 6 hour workday. We are located the CBD of Brisbane.

For further information: https://www.codeheroes.com.au/jobs

Duo Security | Ann Arbor MI, Austin TX, Remote | Full time

Duo is not slowing down its hiring during all of this. With our focus on MFA and Zero Trust / Beyond Corp, our products are positioned to help companies transition to remote. We were recently acquired by Cisco who was named a leader in the "2019 Forrester Zero Trust Platform Wave".

I'm working in DevOps where our stack includes Python, Docker, Ansible, and AWS. I know our backend is written in Python. We also have iOS, Android, and Windows apps as well as Chrome extensions.

Normally, our teams are mostly divided between the Ann Arbor and Austin offices. The split offices ensured we had a remote-friendly environment. This made the transition to full remote relatively painless for us.

If you have questions, feel free to each out to me "<username> at duosecurity dot com".

In general, we are looking to hire for a variety of roles, including

- Backend

- Mobile

- UX and Design


- Security Engineers

See https://jobs.cisco.com/jobs/SearchJobs/Duo%20Security?3_109_...

Hi, thanks for your post here. I was wondering if you are open to consider h1b transfer sponsorship ? Thanks.

FYI: It's not really clear how to apply for a remote role. All of the positions are linked to a city.

Should I just apply to whatever and indicate that I'd be remote?

Just as a word of encouragement: I have done all my interviews for the past couple of months remotely (even though I am in Palo Alto!) and got an offer last week. That company currently plans more hiring over the next few months regardless of quarantine. So don’t despair.

Congrats on the offer! That must be exciting. Could you share what company or an idea of the company (size of the company/industry vertical) that could shed some light as to where the pockets of hiring are?

It’s a small startup and I’m the first remote. Closed some funding last Friday. No open reqs at this time but maybe in May/June.

In order to be vague I’ll use buzzwords: it’s a B2B PaaS in the security area. They have a MVP customer already though tech is still in development. Idea was to develop as fast as possible and secure some anchor customers. Turns out the current situation makes that plan even better because there’s less distraction. It helps that this product is an “aspirin” unlike (in my experience) most security products.

In my experience downturns kill medium sized companies most. Big companies will survive revenue downturns and tiny B2B companies like the one I’m joining can survive on one or two anchor customers because they are relatively merely sipping cash (even with SV salaries). Acquiring new enterprise customers is hard in a downturn though. Of course this downturn appears to be extreme so who knows. And if your product is B2C things may be disproportionally worse for you.

Also FB is still actively interviewing (at least they were last week!) to fill open reqs and likely other big companies are too. That may change as the economy declines but for now that appears to be the case. In fact “shelter at home” is great for companies like them. Of course I have no special visibility into their thoughts.

I just finished going thru recruiting with Amazon and was told they are "aggressively hiring right now"

I can confirm that Amazon is aggressively hiring across our business.

I am a hiring manager at Amazon and am hiring Product Managers, SDM's and SDE's. Doing phone screens daily and multiple "loops" virtually. We're also on-boarding people at home by sending them equipment and working with them remotely to get up to speed.

We live in interesting times!

I am in cool off period. Can you give me opportunity?

I'm interested in Product Manager role, could you refer me? myemailum14 at gmail

I might be interested if you are hiring remote senior engineers?

As an Amazonian, I hope this gets baked into the culture!

Interesting, are you hiring any architects?

Speckle | London | VP/Exec Commercial/Strategy | Full-time | Remote

Our mission is to build the open source data platform for the AEC (architecture, engineering & construction) and foster a community of hackers and builders that will digitally transform the built environment.

We're looking for someone with a strong record of commercial, operational and strategic experience in the COSS landscape/early stage startups. AEC experience is welcome, as well as an emphatic and generous approach to creating value. We're at a very early stage (seed), nevertheless Speckle has been evolving, maturing and gathering traction as an OSS project for the last 3 years. We have a diverse community, and we're keen to offer them the best tools to disrupt a $10 trillion global industry.

If you're keen to help shape the future digital processes which underpin the building that you're reading this from, the city/town that you live in, the roads and transport networks that you travel on - get in touch: d@speckle.systems.

Red Hat | All Positions Remote | Everything | https://www.redhat.com/en/jobs

Red Hat. You know who we are. We're also the world's top Kubernetes provider with OpenShift (well over 1000 customers). We're Ansible. We're OpneShift Dedicated and OpenShift Online (Hosted services). We're a huge company with openings in marketing, management, VPs also! We're worldwide. We have offices around the globe. We're all remote: the location listed in a job posting is where the manager is located. 90% of the time the job can be performed remotely.

Red Hat is still Red Hat. In fact, even more so, now that our CEO is also President of IBM. Think Pixar and Disney, NeXT and Apple. We sell absolutely no software that is not 100% open source, unless we're in the process of open sourcing it. Even our acquired companies' software, we eventually open source. Have you contributed to an open source project? Ooooooooooo, we LOVE that! Come join us! I currently spend work hours helping the CNCF, for example!

I've been here 18 months now, and they will have to drag me out the door. I'll probably never leave willingly. It's a spectacular place to work. You can even use me as your reference in your application: vonguard@redhat.com They even gave me my nick as an email alias!


Senior Front end developer: https://us-redhat.icims.com/jobs/77709/senior-front-end-deve...

Technical Operations Lead https://us-redhat.icims.com/jobs/78616/it-support-engineer/j...

Enterprise Data Catalog Program Manager https://us-redhat.icims.com/jobs/78495/enterprise-data-catal...

Hello VonGuard, fellow Red Hatter here. I also love working for Red Hat, I think it's a great company. I'm a consultant, which means I travel to clients all year to build, configure, and fix RHEL products.

We're in desperate need of more consultants and trainers. However, it's a heavy travel load. Last year (2019) I spent 291 nights in a hotel room. Still, I love the job.

I'm risking my behind here by breaking HN law but I just had to say, this is some very strong copywriting assuming you're technical. Excellent job man. Good luck!

If you mean the rule at the top, it's not up there to prevent comments like this, but rather the complaints that people sometimes post about their previous opinions/experiences with a company in reply to a job posting. We don't allow those because we don't have any way of knowing which are justified and which aren't. Bad corporate behavior is a thing, disgruntled commenters are a thing (the kind who are good at telling only one misleading side of the story), and the two can be hard to tell apart. Sometimes the community can sort things out through the informal adjudication process that arises in HN threads around controversial questions—but those are lengthy and Who Is Hiring threads are not the place for it.

No, I totally get it! I didn't mean to accidentally imply that you were being unreasonable. I was merely being facetious about HN culture my friend!

Technical Marketing Manager 4 is my job title. Thanks!

out of curiosity, what HN law are you potentially breaking? I'm guessing there's a law that prohibits posts that simply say another comment is good?

It looks to me like no actual rule was broken per se, but GP is aware he was breaking more like a thing of etiquette. It's kind of an "apologies in advance, as I know this is sort of rude, but I'm going to say it anyway because I'm saying something nice" that wasn't phrased optimally.

HN generally discourages lightweight chit chat to protect the signal to noise ratio. They more strongly discourage it in these Hiring posts and it seems to me that's the correct way to handle it because this is intended as a free advertising space, not a discussion space.

In part for purposes of making advertisers comfortable posting here so they will post at all, HN more strictly forbids attacks against the advertisers because that would drive away a lot of advertisers and harm the utility of these posts. But, also, these posts have a lot of little ads and it's already a huge pile of info to sort through if you are job hunting, even without chit chat and ugly, long tangents thrown in.

HN likely doesn't have the manpower to lock these threads and institute a pre approval process as the mechanism that protects these posts as 99% (free) ads. So they rely on certain social expectations to make this work.

Since the membership very much values these posts, the membership generally does a good job of respecting certain expectations.

There are spaces on the internet where the meme is "This is why we can't have nice things" and it typically gets stated as a way to say "It's not the fault of incompetent moderation. No, the members are just assholes who won't behave." (Often stated by the mods, who are incompetent and prone to putting out the fire with gasoline.)

HN has both competent moderation and members who more or less try hard to behave. This is why we can have nice things around here, like the Who is Hiring threads, which are a free service benefiting both businesses in need of staff and people in need of employment.

Well, generally speaking, HN culture frowns upon low-value comments. That doesn't just imply negative comments but also '+1' type comments. Which is part of the reason why threads on HN are of significantly higher quality than those on other platforms.

Pas du tout.

I'd love to work for redhat, but it's hard to search for all remote positions and many seem tied to the US.

I live in Switzerland and have run fedora as my daily driver for years now. My experience is oriented towards the low level (C, C++, kernel work, embedded, cryptography) but I've absolutely no idea how I'd even get noticed by red hat's system, even though I think I have a lot to bring.

Any ideas on the best approach?

Just visit https://www.redhat.com/en/jobs and find a job in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa). If you're willing to travel up to 80% (Monday-Thursday), then you're a candidate for a Consulting role. Based on the skillset you mention, you're probably a good candidate for Platform (OS, kernel tuning, Infrastructure), Automation (Ansible and Tower), Cloud (OpenStack, RHV/oVirt), and OpenShift (Kubernetes). And if you're looking stay a low-level developer, then look for roles in Engineering, Software Maintenance Engineer, or QE/QA.

Thanks a lot! I'll see what there is :)

Hi VonGuard, I was just curious, if a position is listed as US-Remote, would you consider an applicant in Canada for that role? Thanks!

My experience is that they're more flexible with developer roles, so it depends on the job that you're going to apply for. (at least in Europe)

That's good to know, thanks! Appreciate your input.

Yes. We have active needs in RedHat Canada (and Red Hat US) for OpenShift, Kubernetes, Infra, SRE, SDE, Architects, DevOps, AppDev (Java, Python, Spring Boot, JBoss, node.js, others). We're _ALWAYS_ hiring. Certain software developer teams are also based in Montreal and Toronto. Those roles are fewer than Consultants like myself. Though I'm US-based and a Senior Architect in our Container Practice (OpenShift specialists), I go to Canada often to support our customers up there and I do love when I get there.

Hello - would red hat be interested in a team of 4 programmers & project manager all ready to go and fluent in Linux/python/react style of technologies and agile methodologies? Where would I need to contact to broker a deal? My team is located in Uruguay.

We also have Partner Ecosystem for Consultants. I'm not sure of the outlook in LATAM (Latin America), but you'll want to look into joining our Partner Network https://connect.redhat.com/ .

Thank you oso2k!

I'm sure they will. We have a lot of Canadians in our midst. My HR lady is a Canadian!

Thank you!

I am from India and I see that you require a degree for all job openings! Is it OK for me to apply for a job without having a degree ? My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/navneethakrishnan/

If you have the experience and the knowledge it's not really necessary. I don't have a degree myself and I was only 24 when I joined Red Hat .

It's really up to the the hiring manager.

Hey! Thanks for the reply. I guess I will apply and see it for my self.

Sadly, no k8s related positions in Shanghai...

If the position is in a similar timezone (give or take 2 hours) it's usually not a problem unless it's far more expensive hiring you in your country.

Check offers in Beijing.

This is probably out of scope for this thread, but why does every corporation love to use RHEL? I tried spinning up a RHEL instance but to do some of the most basic actions (using yum) required me to register the instance with "subscription manager" (pay wall).

You're looking for CentOS (essentially RHEL without the support contract) or Fedora (bleeding edge, also without support) if you don't want to pay money for updates.

We run an Emergency Services communications platform for a State Government on RHEL. Stable and reliable are what we need; our customers require us to run an OS supported by the vendor. On the odd occasion we have needed it, their customer/technical support has been fantastic.

When you buy RHEL you're not buying the software, you're buying a support contract and indemnifcation. RHEL also provides a long-term stable platform.

There's no-cost developer licenses as well that you can use with subscription manager. And, of course, there's also CentOS for free-as-in-beer.

There's also Fedora. Part of what you're doing when you register with your no-cost developer license is tie into our repos of tested, patched, and supported (for paying customers) RPMs and containers. And you get that because you gave us your email and possibly/probably signed up for some newsletters that you can opt out of later.

Wistia | Cambridge, MA | Full-Time, Onsite + Remote | https://wistia.com

We're a profitable, long-term thinking oriented company serving up our business customers' videos and shows. Read more about what we believe in here: https://wistia.com/about/values

Open engineering roles:

* Lead Front End Engineer: https://boards.greenhouse.io/wistia/jobs/2045608

* Senior Software Engineer, Infrastructure: https://boards.greenhouse.io/wistia/jobs/2045719

If you've got any questions feel free to DM me here or on twitter! (@qrush)

Cockroach Labs | NYC, SF, REMOTE (USA) | Full-time

Cockroach Labs is hiring a variety of positions including engineers, engineering managers, developer relations.


Please apply using the above link.

It's a great place to work, with interesting distributed systems and storage problems to solve, and we're accepting remote candidates at this time.

Check out our blog: https://www.cockroachlabs.com/blog

Hi, thanks for your post here. I was wondering if you are open to consider h1b transfer sponsorship ? Thanks.

Your blog is easily one of my favourites! Pity about the US-only thing, but thanks for clarifying.

Is remote limited to the US only or Europe is also fine?

At this time we're limited to US-based remotes. Sorry about that, and I've updated the post to make that clear.

ngrok | San Francisco & Seattle | ONSITE | Full-time | https://ngrok.com/

I'm the Director of Engineering here at ngrok.

Ngrok builds developer tools and infrastructure to bring secure, powerful network tunnels to individual developers and companies alike. Ngrok's tools enable our customers to easily share local development environments, securely access remote devices, build and test webhook integrations, and much more.

We're looking for Backend & Devops Engineers across a number of different teams. We work mostly in Go, Typescript, & React. We're also looking to add Rust to our toolbelt.

Email me frank@ngrok.com to learn more.

Hi, thanks for your post here. I was wondering if you are open to consider h1b transfer sponsorship ? Thanks.

I see the position is on site. What's the company's current setup for interviews and work during coronovirus?

To be clear, we're primarily considering candidates who will be working from one of our office locations once onsite work is able to resume. That said, we've always been a distributed company, across multiple time zones, and we put an emphasis on clear written communication when we are able to (Notion, Slack, Github, etc) and make use of video conferencing when synchronous communication is required. We have been conducting work and interviews remotely for some time now (primarily over google hangouts).

Hi, are you / will you be hiring for Full-time Software Development Internships or Co-ops? I'm a grad student at Northeastern University Boston and will be graduating in May 2021, and I'm looking for Summer/Fall internships at the moment. Thanks!

Just want to say, I really find ngrok useful and I use it frequently.

We're hiring a ton at Coinbase (https://coinbase.com) right now for pretty much every team: backend, frontend, data, ML, infra, sre, dev exp, em's etc.

We have a great culture and it's a fantastic place to work. I'm learning more than I ever have in my career and it's fun to be working in the blockchain/crypto industry.

Incredible benefits and comp.

If you're interested, shoot me an email at bradley.herman [at] coinbase.com and I'll put you in our system

Hi, thanks for your post here. I was wondering if you are open to consider h1b transfer sponsorship ? Thanks.

Remote? I'd be happy to apply from Europe, but at the moment the planes are grounded.

Treasury Prime (YC W18) | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | https://treasuryprime.com

Treasury Prime is transforming banking for the 21st Century. We partner with banks to build the technology to enable this new wave of fintech startups. Through simple, unified APIs, we are modernizing the economy.

To learn more about who we are, our engineering culture, and whether this is the right place for you, read our Key Values profile: https://www.keyvalues.com/treasury-prime

Here are our open roles:

- Senior Software Engineer: https://treasuryprime.com/careers/eng/senior/

- Frontend Software Engineer: https://treasuryprime.com/careers/eng/frontend/

- Backend Software Engineer: https://treasuryprime.com/careers/eng/backend/

Tech Stack: Clojure, React, Postgres, AWS, Git

Treasury Prime has been amazing to work with - a truly great team!

HubSpot | Senior Software Engineer | Cambridge, MA REMOTE | Full time

HubSpot helps millions of organizations grow better, our business builds the software and systems that power the world’s small to medium-sized businesses.

We’re looking for top engineering talent to join our small, customer-driven development teams to work on a variety of projects including:

Back End: We write lots of micro-services, primarily with Java 11. Our APIs are RESTful and use the minimal Dropwizard framework. We take advantage of Kafka, Spark, Hadoop for processing volumes of data.

Front End: Our web applications are complex, single-page apps written in JavaScript (React, ECMAScript 6, Sass).

Core Data, Infrastructure, & Reliability: Building the systems that power thousands of services with Singularity on Apache Mesos, and empowering access to massive datasets with Kafka, HBase, Elastic Search, ZooKeeper, Redis, MySQL, and Memcached.

At HubSpot, apps are owned and developed by small, autonomous, cross-functional teams. You and your team set the goals, set the timelines, build the software, go to user tests, and carry the pager. Instead of trying to fill specific titles, we hire talented people at all seniority levels and work with them to find the role that suits them best.

Full list of open positions where you can apply here: (https://www.hubspot.com/careers/jobs?hubs_signup-cta=careers...)

Happy to also connect on open positions directly ochin@hubspot.com

Rollbar | https://rollbar.com | San Francisco, Barcelona, Budapest ONSITE or REMOTE | Tech Lead, Senior Software Engineer, Customer Success, Marketing

About Rollbar:

* We help tens of thousands of developers find and fix errors faster.

* Our backend handles billions of errors with low latency and high reliability

* Our front-end allows developers to discover and drill down across millions of errors in real-time

* Our open source libraries are used by some of the best engineering teams in the world, including Kayak, Twilio, Heroku, Zendesk, Instacart and Twitch

* We just recently closed our Series B financing

* We're a ~50-person team (SF, Barcelona, Budapest, and remote) on a mission to help developers build software quickly and painlessly

* Benefits and perks: competitive salary and stock options, medical, dental and vision insurance, 401k, annual conference budget, generous hardware and software allowance, casual work environment, inclusive team-oriented culture, rapid career growth opportunities, have fun and have an impact.

We're currently hiring for:

- Senior full-stack engineer

- Data engineer

- Senior product designer

- Tech Lead (Budapest)

- Security, customer success, marketing, and sales roles

To get in touch, please apply via https://rollbar.com/jobs

Fold | San Francisco, CA; Atlanta, GA | Software Engineer | ONSITE & REMOTE | Full-time | $110k-140k with equity We are a cryptocurrency company backed by a number of well-known investors in the space. We have opportunities across our flagship payment product, Fold [0] [1], working with Bitcoin Lightning Network technologies and working to get bitcoin in the hands of everyday people. We’d love to hear from any Docker + Kubernetes, Django, or React/Native experts out there.

Crypto, Python, or Kubernetes experience is great, but a critical eye and willingness to master new technologies are the real requirements. We embrace remote work, and our team hails from all over.

If you are looking for the right opportunity to break into the cryptocurrency space, email people (at) foldapp.com or view our job posting here: https://angel.co/company/thesis-co/jobs/724946-backend-api-e...

[0] https://foldapp.com

[1] https://ln.pizza

Netrias (www.netrias.com) | Washington, D.C. Metro Area | Full-time | ONSITE (Flexible) | VISA | Can sponsor visas

Netrias is a fast-growing Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that specializes in the application of machine learning models for biological applications such as genome engineering and drug discovery. Netrias is working on the development of novel machine and deep learning algorithms to integrate and analyze large datasets in the life sciences. We are seeking a talented Senior Data Scientist with a background in biology or Senior Bioinformatician with a strong data science background that can lead and contribute to the development of machine learning algorithms and technologies for biomarker discovery. You will be working directly with the Chief Data Scientist in defining and executing the AI capabilities of the company. See our job ad for more details: Senior Data Scientist / Bioinformatician: http://www.netrias.com/careers/ I am the hiring manager - feel free to reach out to me here or at employment@netrias.com


I checked the details of the job and I think I may be valuable for you, CV is at https://moralestapia.com/CV.pdf

Only issue I can think about is that I followed the C/C++ path rather than the Python one. Not that I'm not good w/ Python, but my main strength is C/C++, MPI, CUDA and things of the like. I have a good background with math and formal training in genomics and bioinformatics, so that's always a good thing.

I'd be interested in working with you, but I don't know if I am suited for your plans, let me know. You can write me at hn @ moralestapia.com

Best wishes.

Is it possible to add more specificity to the guidelines for REMOTE? ie: US only, EU only, x-y timezones only, US/EU citizen, etc

Otherwise there ends up being a lot of back and forth and wasted time over something that's solved in 2 seconds.

That's a good idea. At some point we'll work on making these threads more useful, and I've noted it for then.

Honestly, I find the (as of now) guidelines quite clear:

> When remote work is not an option, include ONSITE. Don't include both!

Quite frankly, I'm skipping over job postings that violate the above guideline.

Maybe if you live in the US they are fine, but annoying as hell for most people outside of that as usually Remote ends up meaning "oh remote for US only, I guess that wasn't clear"

Also, it would be nice if people would clarify what they mean by "remote possible".

QuestDB | Technical Content writer + head of Dev Rel |Remote, London/SF

QuestDB is a an open source SQL database to process time-series, faster. The founding team comes from low-latency trading; fast software are part of our DNA. Through QuestDB, companies can harness the power of real-time and big data processing in a wide array of use cases and industries, from financial data to IoT and connected cars.

We have to just raised $2.1m from leading European VCs and are building the team.

Helping developers solve their problems is at the center of what we do. We are looking for a head of developer relation and technical content writer and to spur developer adoption and usage, grow the brand and empower developers with faster software.

https://angel.co/company/questdb/jobs/760919-technical-conte... https://angel.co/company/questdb/jobs/745625-head-of-develop...

Reviewable | Senior Full Stack Engineer | REMOTE only | Full Time | https://reviewable.io

Reviewable is a code review tool for GitHub that improves on pull requests. It has seen strong adoption among companies that prioritize thorough but efficient code reviews. The company is bootstrapped and has been profitable for a number of years. I'm now looking for the first full-time hire: somebody who could quickly take the lead on all technical aspects (development [JavaScript, Vue, Node, Firebase RTDB, GitHub API], product, ops, contractor management) and eventually grow into the business role (support, marketing, sales, etc.). The position is fully remote and a great opportunity for a talented software engineer to assume control over a useful product with great growth potential, get their feet wet with a small bootstrapped business without taking on much risk, and learn new skills that may eventually help you start a business of your own! Please email piotr@reviewable.io to start a conversation if you're interested.

Amazon Web Services (AWS - Game Technologies group)| Various roles | Seattle | Full-time, Onsite | https://aws.amazon.com/gametech/

I am the hiring manager or skip-level manager for all these open roles so feel free to email me with questions. We have mid to senior level software development engineering roles open as well as an engineering manager role. We work on cutting edge tech that helps games run on AWS and scale in ways they couldn't alone. I am looking for people with distributed service development (we do most of this in Java), game engine and development (C/C++), or low level systems development skills (Rust). There are various roles, I don't expect one person to be skilled in all those areas :) . We're building an all new AWS service, solving hard technical problems, and we get to have games as a customer, which is pretty awesome to me.

Links: (service focused SDE role) https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/1069398/software-development..., (low-level SDE role) https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/1069386/software-development..., (senior SDE) https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/1044691/senior-software-deve..., (SDM) https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/1041960/software-development...

I made a mistake of overthinking my initial assessment about 6 months ago. I have since learned a lot and have grown as an engineer. Does that mistake prevent my application from being considered?

Amazonian here. I have seen many candidates re-apply for position. It's certainly allowed. Try to figure out where you fell short the first time, and study up or practice to improve it. Best of luck.

I don't work for Amazon, but from friends have said after 6 months you should be able to re-apply and your previous performance is not judged.

Generally, that's right. We always take re-applicants. The way I look at how hiring is done (and it can certainly be improved in the industry as a whole) is that the system is tuned to reduce false positives (bad hires), but that means we have lots of false negatives (people who could have been great hires), so if you think you would be a great hire, don't feel bad about applying again. We all have bad days when interviewing, or bad evaluations.

Rapyuta Robotics | Site Reliability Engineers, Robotics Software Engineers and Backend Engineers | Tokyo, Bangalore | ONSITE | https://www.rapyuta-robotics.com/

Rapyuta Robotics is a global technology startup that is pioneering the domain of cloud robotics. The ETH Zurich spin-off has about 50 employees, USD 24 million in funding, and has offices in Japan and India. rapyuta.io, the flagship product of Rapyuta Robotics, is an enterprise class cloud platform for robotics. By focusing on removing complexity in the robotics solution development and integration, rapyuta.io makes it easy for organisations and individuals to build and scale their robotics solutions. We are looking for a wide spectrum of engineers, you can check the jobs at https://www.rapyuta-robotics.com/careers/

Contact: jobs+hn@rapyuta.io

Songspace | Full Time | | Nashville USA or Amsterdam NL | Onsite or Remote | https://songspace.com

Songspace’s mission is to streamline creative and business workflows that contribute to a more efficient and transparent music industry. Foremost, Songspace is a catalog management and pitch tracking SaaS, combining features from Dropbox/Box, iTunes, GoogleDocs and SoundCloud in one product. Secondly as a tool that enhances the workflows across a team or group, Songspace empowers all users to have complete control of their catalog and data, which in our view is the first step towards a more transparent industry overall.

We are currently hiring for:

- Lead Data Architect (Nashville TN or remote)

- Data Developer (Nashville TN or remote)

- Marketing Director (Nashville TN or remote)

- International Sales & Business Development Representative (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

To apply please visit https://songspace.com/careers

SiteSpect | Various - Full Stack Engineer, Linux Operations Engineer, IT Systems Engineer, Front-End Customer Success Developer and other roles | Boston/Newton, MA | ONSITE | https://www.sitespect.com

SiteSpect is a digital optimization platform that lets you test or target your web traffic without having to change any code on your side. Under the hood, SiteSpect is a reverse proxy. Requests from end users are routed to an appropriate backend and SiteSpect modifies the response based on what tests the user is assigned to and then delivers those changes back to the end user.

We're looking to fill a variety of roles, including seeking client and non client facing front-end or full-stack developers, optimization specialists, release engineers, operations engineers and more to build out our (angular) control panel, proxy engines, help our clients use our tools to test and modify their websites, and advise clients on how best to test and optimize their customer experience.

Open Technical Roles:

Full Stack Engineer - http://app.jobvite.com/m?3wlMWlwp

Linux Operations Engineer - http://app.jobvite.com/m?3plMWlwi

IT Systems Engineer - http://app.jobvite.com/m?3tlMWlwm

Front-End Solutions Developer (Customer Success) - http://app.jobvite.com/m?3ylMWlwr

Solutions Architect - http://app.jobvite.com/m?319dYlwb

Do you have any temporary or long term remote work opportunities for people with Linux System Admins expertise?

Canonical | www.canonical.com | Remote (work from home) | Full Time | Engineer, Project Manager, Design/UX, Product

Canonical and Ubuntu are at the forefront of cloud and IoT computing, helping customers master the challenge of operations on hybrid cloud, bare metal, and container-based systems.

We’re recruiting people that love Linux, automation, operations, and are interested in cracking some of the world’s toughest problems at scale, with a twist: we’re bringing the scale economics and flexible automation that you’d find in a FAANG company to the wider enterprise ecosystem. We work on open source tools, in an open, distributed environment with Tier 1 organisations.

If you're looking to work with some of the smartest people in the industry across the globe while designing and delivering bleeding edge open source solutions, apply below.


Associate Field Engineer - https://grnh.se/995a78ec1us

Software Field Engineer - https://grnh.se/0251b74f1us


Cloud Operations Engineer - https://grnh.se/0e22ac9e1us

Developer Advocate - https://grnh.se/2c4767941us

Engineering Manager - https://grnh.se/ebba41191us

Asia / Pacific:

Technical Support Engineer - https://grnh.se/a957f5e21us

Engagement Project Manager - https://grnh.se/645bd9701us


Ubuntu Server Software Engineer - https://grnh.se/645bd9701us

Ubuntu Server Distribution Engineer - https://grnh.se/7bba266c1us

Canonical is hiring for 70+ roles - learn more and apply here | https://grnh.se/e29603601us

I have a relevant question. Do you have an e-mail address that I could send my question to?

You can reach us at interviews@canonical.com.

Thank you. I've just sent the message with questions.

Substack (W18) | Full stack engineer | San Francisco | Onsite | https://substack.com

Substack lets writers start their own subscription publication - think paid blog/newsletter - where writers' and readers' incentives are aligned.

Over 50k people pay to subscribe to publications, and top writers are making six figures.

We use Node, Express, and Postgres on top of Heroku. React for frontend. Simple & effective so we can focus on solving problems for users.

We are 10 people. We raised a series A from a16z this summer and are thoughtfully building our early team. Two of our three founders are technical (the other is a writer) and we're looking for folks to work along side us, shipping things that touch thousands of writers and millions of readers.

Come join us! https://careers.substack.com

I know public service roles are salary capped, but it's distressing to me that the CIO of the FBI will be making only "$131,239 to $192,180" which is less than even a medium-sized tech company executive would make. This person would be the front line of security defense for our top law enforcement agency and the enemies of that agency have billions of dollars of funding. It just seems like we should be paying for the talent we actually need at that level.

You don't go there for the money, nobody does. You work hard for a few years,make connections, get experience and jump ship to private sector that'll compensate for all those years of underpayment.

This makes no sense to me.

The clear answer is that is unfair for our system to pay critical employees so poorly.

The federal sector can't compete with the private sector on value fulfillment - and that is a major problem, not a feature.

... so do you do go there for the money eventually?

Someone in my family is a prime example of this: got a degree in pharmacy, joined an actual pharmacy for a bit, then ended up working for an equivalent of FDA in the US. Worked there to gain experience,then went to work for a pharma giant. They hired her mainly because of her experience in the government's agency. Have been working in private sector ever since making pretty decent living.


- Product -

Hotpot.ai (https://hotpot.ai): graphics for apps, extensions, and startups. (If you want free graphics, ask for a promo code. Happy to help HN.)

- Editor Work -

Improve web-based editor. Many hard problems if you enjoy pixels and graphics.

- Editor Requirements -

Expertise in JavaScript, HTML, and SVG. Passion for math and pixels, and an openness toward loving their neglected cousin, fonts.

- ML Work -

Use ML to simplify problems in graphic design like icon/logo creation, image upscaling, background removal, and more.

- ML Requirements -

Passion for ML and pixels/vectors.

- ML Candidates -

Please share the last 3 papers you read; how you track research; and what graphic/image problems most interest you.

- Rails Work -

Consult on Rails-related problems.

- Rails Requirements -

Rails expertise.

- Design Work -

Create templates, icons, and other graphics for Hotpot.ai.

- Contact -

info @ panabee dot com. Share relevant profiles (e.g., GitHub, Stack Overflow), resume (optional), hourly rate, and availability (hours per week).

Hotpot looks pretty cool! I'll definitely try it out when I need to create Appstore graphics for my next iOS app.

Thanks! Also if you or anyone else wants free graphics due to C19, whether to spruce up your hiring profile or to ramp up some side project, please ask for a promo code. Would love to help fellow HN users.

Would love to have a promo code and happy to promote your service in exchange as well. Thanks. Looks very useful!

Sure, happy to offer a promo code. Please reach out. Contact info in bio. Hope we can help!

NetFoundry | REMOTE | Full-time | https://netfoundry.io

Our platform enables cloud native networking.

Programmable, secure-by-design (zero trust) and embedded in applications via our SDKs. Turnkey NaaS solutions and OSS (Apache v2) solutions.

Join us to help reinvent networking. Remote and on-site positions (at several pod locations) are available, and we are a remote-first company.

We are adding to several teams:

Marketing: https://netfoundry.io/careers/marketing/

Development: https://netfoundry.io/careers/dev-eng/

All: https://netfoundry.io/careers

Can individuals based in Canada apply for the development and engineering roles? The posting states:

  You will be based in the continental US with 10-20% travel.

Yes, we are a remote-first startup (have been since inception so are mature in that aspect), and welcome applicants from anywhere. Some individual JDs may have been written by certain geo pods which were leading the search - will fix that - else the only JDs that are targeted for specific pods include that in the JD title.


I would imagine pornhub would be mostly an automated site by now with manual QA to ensure legality. However there’s a job listing almost every month.

What’s on your roadmap? Where’s all that php going? Just curious.

Always more product to build, scale and optimize!

Accessing from India redirects to .org domain and throws a 404.

Isn't that per Indian law?

Yes India banned our domains over a year ago

Lark Health | All Engineering Roles | SF Bay Area | Full-time | Onsite [All remote for now]

I'm a VPE at Lark Health and we're growing!

Healthcare, very important right now. Come and help us make the world healthier! :)

We're actively hiring and have many positions:

* Senior DevOps engineers expert in Kubernetes / AWS

* Manager for the DevOps/Infrastructure team

* Senior React Native Developer.

* Different Engineering Managers Roles.

* Backend Engineers role.

Preferred stack is Javascript/Typescript, Java, Kubernetes, AWS, Serverless.

We're in Mountain View, California. Working remote for now but looking for people local in the SF Bay Area.

If you are anyone are looking, let me know!


Hi, thanks for your post here. I was wondering if you are open to consider h1b transfer sponsorship ? Thanks.

any plans for intern positions?


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