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Stock Jump – a ski-jumping game with real stock data (sos.gd)
458 points by rathel 8 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 50 comments

It looks like to get the best jump, you need something with a ton of volatility along the way (to build up speed), and then with a sharp drop off toward the end so you fly off the edge instead of ride the slope down.

Not surprisingly, BTC has beaten everything else I've tried.

I don't think you want a sharp drop off at the end, but a sharp incline. Build up speed and then shoot up into the air. WMT is the best for me so far. 230+ every time.

I think only the sharp decline to build up speed counts. Allegion PLC has just that: http://stockjump.sos.gd/?symbol=ALLEN.MX&currency=MXN&name=A...

Just jump on the flat at the end gets me over 700.



No decline, no turbulence, an entirely flat line the entire time.

Weirdly, this one, unlike every other one I've tried, runs at a crawl.

Here's a fun glitched one; exactly 11 meters regardless of what you do; you don't get to jump, and the line itself is incredibly thick:


This one can get you -4.75m:


(basically, the whole chart is under 1 USD and it gets rounded to 0)

Nice find!

You can gain some speed by repeatedly jumping btw.

You can! That's why I got the high result in the first link: the flat line allows for incredible acceleration if desired, because jumping gives you a boost.

Thanks, got 806.82 at this stock :D

It’s going to be the only slope available soon when they shut down stock markets.

They're not going to shut down the stock markets.

AbrauDurso PAO is better than BTC afaict


Love the Vix products

Love the Volpocalypse of 2018 and the "50 cent trader".

Did we ever find out who cleaned up all the XIV money when it blew up? I.e. who was the 50 cent trader?

This is just a urban legend built around a typical long vol strategy on index futures. There's nothing really uncommon about that, except the press it had on HN.

I know a bunch of guys in various market making shops that did that trade at the time.

That's what I thought too. Though guys from Volatility Views podcast rarely have an episode without mentioning '50 cent trader' always assuming that it's one trader behind and arguing his/her strategies,..

You mean it was a lot of people and entities that all together cleaned up XIV's (and others') money?

I'm a bit lost in all the hype vocabulary that emerged in the non-conventional/non-quant spheres.

I guess what you call "volpocalypse" refers to the massive deleveraging of late 2018.

I also don't know about XIV specifically. Most institutional players would not go through an ETF to short VIX, this seems more like a small shop/individual way.

Only thing I know is that being long volatility is a somewhat well know strategy, with multiple big players at it, mainly in the market making industry, since the totally skewed returns distribution of returns is not particularly attractive to a lot of people.

For the culture, you can see a lot of short vol (the inverse of what we're talking about) strategies being crushed right now. Diversified Long/short hedge funds were particularly in demand of it since some time and it got really crushed with the current massive deveraging, which is mostly why you see below market returns for a lot of funds at the moment, thus causing them to deleverage more, thus feeding the cycle.

For a moment I got excited and thought this was going to be something like SkiFree.


Thank you for this link. I extracted some very important info from that: you can play Ski Free online on the Internet Archive [42]!

[42] https://archive.org/details/win3_SKIFREE

man, totally here for this. Title/website could be clearer

First link to a web game in my life that .... works on mobile! Well done.

LOL. Funny idea, excellent execution. Thanks for a laugh, I needed that.

flawless execution of this incredible idea!

kudos to everyone involved!

This should be terrible of course, but for some reason the fall to the ground calculated based on the rate of change of the graph... so this takes a really long time to fall down giving you lots of time to traverse.


400.45 :P that's a nice one

407.32 this is the best I've seen. The guy who made it got 461, though, so I think he's got the high score. I did get 438.34 on this: http://stockjump.sos.gd/?symbol=035420.KS&currency=KRW&name=...

Seems that S. Koren stocks have spiked in just the right way for optimal jumping.

Ha, back in 2008 I did this with the Dow, but by hand, in Line Rider. I think I've got it recorded somewhere.

Man, I spent so many hours drawing in line rider... Shame I couldn't save the runs properly.

They need to hide the cliffs and hills that are in front of the skier to make it realistic :)

Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/Sosowski/status/1241448735374221313

disclaimer: I am not the author of this game ;)

The only control is the mouse button, AFAICT.

A lot of cryptocurrency altcoins are completely flat.

5 years ago, I was sure that cryptocurrency was a bubble and I would never have imagined that cryptocurrencies would be a safer investment than stocks in a bull market, let alone during a bear market.

Banks are printing too much money and it's been used inefficiently. The fact that cryptocurrencies have been able to grow and then hold value for so long is proof of that. The message is clear: Popular assets which have global exposure to investors are somehow getting free money from the Fed. The free money will give value to anything. If it's an asset and investors all around the world can invest in it, they will invest in it and the price will keep going up; no matter what fundamentals are behind it. This is the reality of our global fiat economy. Cryptocurrencies are backed by nothing but they will keep going up simply because the popular ones are in limited supply (and the slots to be a 'popular cryptocurrency' are themselves limited).

Large corporations and other high-exposure financial assets don't make a profit from their business activities (that's just a pretext), they make a profit by being a conduit through which money enters the system and 'trickles down' through the rest of the economy. Their actual main line of business is being a financial conduit for the Fed by creating jobs and hiring contractors.

Advertising is not as valuable as it is made out to be (even targeted advertising). It's just were all the surplus fiat money which businesses don't know what to do with ends up going. Advertising is valuable for the same reason why crypto is valuable; because money is constantly losing value and no one wants to hold any surplus.

That's because the game rounds the values to 1 USD, so for altcoins that stay way below 1 USD all the time all values get rounded to zero, resulting in a flat shape.

In few months most of the tracks in this game will become much more challenging (if there will be economic crisis after the coronavirus vanish).

How are the stock charts derived? Is this 1 day, 1 week, 1 year, ... chart?

It's really funny with BLUE APRON HOLDINGS INCA.

Love it. Do you have the record or max theoretical distance for each challenge?

/r/wallstreetbets would like to have a word with you.

Is the Abominable Snowman WeWork?

This made my day.


rentech btfo

good concept, but no HTTPS, seriously?

There are better ways to phrase your sentiment.

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