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This is a cool concept, but in addition to all of the concerns other people have voiced, I have a very specific problem: I've been trying to go "zero waste" and reduce packaging as much possible. This means there is no package to scan, I'm just buying in bulk and putting stuff into bags/jars. There's also no clear expiration date, which is actually somewhat troubling these days, but so far I haven't had bulk stuff go bad b/c I wasn't stockpiling/prepping it.

We'll see what happens during the pandemic, that's definitely thrown a wrench into my low-packaging shopping.

Another thread showed his project that printed labels with QR codes that might be a good fit if you're willing to compromise sticker labels in your zero waste goals.


I use frog tape and a sharpie. After a year+ I'm still on my first roll of frog tape.

If you really want to go zero waste you could with a some sort of color coding system like bread clips use.

Then stop what you're doing for a while. Problem solved.

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