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I appreciate the community effort but this thing is waaay too unfocused. Batteries, chores and a todo list?

I've been using an app called Cinnamon to handle grocery shopping. The general idea is similar: define a bunch of things you want to keep in stock in your pantry. Every two weeks before a shopping run I do a sub-five minute scan. The app groups by category, which usually helps keep it fast. Anything I'm low on swipe left and it's on the buy list.

In the grocery store, swipe left again as you buy and it's in the cart. Swipe right for 'next time.' (After a certain amount of time, anything in your cart is presumed to have moved back into the pantry, and anything in next time moves to buy list). For multiperson households, you could split the buy list construction from the acquisition.

I guess the key realization here is that data entry is simpler if you only check before planned grocery store runs, and if you can predict how much you need on hand to last between shopping runs. For toiletries its a pretty quick 'do I have an unopened one still?' For food I know some people use meal planning but I just keep stuff on hand and wing it -- spices keep for quite a while and meat freezes fine.

I guess you're not understanding the scope.

It's not like an overkill of shopping list, it's more of a small scale inventory management.

To what end? If the data you collect cannot change behavior, it has no purpose.

To manage your home inventory of regular consumables...

1. 'Manage' is meaningless verb in this context. If you do nothing, you've managed poorly, but still managed. 2. Chores / task management doesn't fit that bill.

Link to the Cinnamon app? Didn't see something matching description when I searched in App Store.

I think it might be Android only, given the design is heavily compliant with Google's theming. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.imdevgary....

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