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I freaking applied for HN with this idea and was rejected.. years ago.

Called “standard pantry”

This doesn't validate the idea, if that's what you're implying.

To be necessarily negative, this sort of product has appeared countless times. It fills a need that people just don't have. I have four kids, a wife, a dog, a skinny pig and a bearded dragon. I can internalize shopping lists, as does my wife. It is incredibly rare that we even send reminders to each other of things. The idea of creating and managing an inventory system is just a complete non-starter.

Furthermore, the idea of then tracking each thing I use/consume (just to keep the inventory count right) sounds mind-numbingly tedious.

Remember, a piece of software isn't necessarily a business.

Also, HN!=YC. I assume you meant you applied for YC?

- No business model

- Families (arguably the people who would use this) probably won't use this. It's too much time overhead for minimal gains.

Don't sweat it.

Didn't we all?

It's an obvious idea like all the others. We're 2 years from a viable implementation.

What was your revenue model?

The idea was to effectively have a standard pantry subscription service to a very good library of ingredients and provide cooking instructions, recipes based on what you had on hand - as well as providing a dietary input to what you make on a regular basis.

Having a standard pantry which is filled with regular ingredients, but minimally packaged, marketed, etc... would result in a lower waste footprint for the environment to boot.

Further, I want to have single-use-plastics reduced as much as is possible. So, it was based on a more sustainable packaging model.

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