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Agreed. If there was some kind of tech like Amazon's just walk out idea that could automate keeping track of everything it would be great. But having to do this stuff manually kills it. It's the same problem I have with personal money mangers; I have to manually import my bank transactions and then further manually categorize and label them (I've scripted some but can't do most) for it to properly work and give me good graphs and breakdowns.

We seem to have all of the downsides of total surveillance, none of the upsides...

"You've been buying a lot of alcohol and tobacco cyberpunk, I bet insurance companies would find this info useful."

99.999% I think this thought as well. But, if I interpreted your quote correctly, it would require one's data to be made available to the powers-that-be, right? But, since this is self-hosted, only you would have control over your data, and not them, right? (Or, perhaps I'm missing something?)

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