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Berlin Clubs stream live electronic music (unitedwestream.berlin)
165 points by zwaps 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 37 comments

Here's a link to the donation page in English:


This is a great initiative, but man, it really brings home the fact that we are truly in danger of losing so many cultural things that matter. It's truly heartbreaking. I suppose each of us now have to choose what to support. And now that I think about it, I'm going to email the ED of my local orchestra, hpo.org, and suggest they copy this initiative!

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is doing just this, and it’s been pretty successful they believe (!)


What are the chances we can develop a way to stream good quality audio back and forth at acceptable latency (a few ms max) to make possible for bands to play live, each member from different locations? It would probably involve using dedicated connections plus axing a lot of security infrastructures to reduce latency, and make the remaining predictable.

Sadly latency makes this almost impossible. However, the guy who made Winamp came up with an interesting solution to this: https://www.cockos.com/ninjam/

The idea is, everyone's playing is delayed by one measure, so they are playing along with people from the past, while everyone else is playing along with a past version of them. Kind of crazy.

that's actually a very good idea! thanks for sharing this.

Wow, there are even some public servers, this is awesome!

It's been done, but with dedicated fiber runs. The page isn't loading for me, but I'm pretty sure the article is [1].

[1] https://fohonline.com/newsroom/news/rat-sound-and-optocore-f...

It's here, just not easy to set up. NetJack offers low latency like Jack but over the network.

There's also a more ambitious project called Lola.


Since I'm not able to play with my band atm due to corona, I'll see if mumble has acceptable performance.

On my current connection, the first hop is 20ms, so it's hopeless.

Generally speaking though, you'd need wired connections, good routing, and excess bandwidth, since you'd want to forgo compression, since it's less predictable and adds delay.

So, what if we had client that would "account" for that delay and perform correction measures when mixing the audio streams? Net gaming has kind of solved it, of course for lower bandwidth streaming, but I feel that bandwidth is not the issue here .

The autorities must have cracked down on corona parties - https://imgur.com/grTlPcP.png. Apologies for providing a screenshot, but it is really funny how the two headlines mix together :D

"funny" might be not the right word for this kind of mix

Sadly, many Berlin clubs were close to closing even prior to C19. Griessmuehle, one of the clubs hosting this event, was facing imminent closure as late as January. Hopefully this scene will thrive in the post-pandemic world of reinvigorated rent prices.

The guys on it right now are rocking out but are not standing 6ft away from each other! :)

German surf band rocks out in bare feet and a plant taped to their microphone stand!

Excellent link- thank you for posting this- totally uplifted my spirits on a mentally rough day.

edit: Here's the band's youtube page and their about us blurb:

> il Civetto is a balkan/swing-gipsy-pop-whatsoever-band based in the beautiful city of Berlin. We're also touring a lot, so check out our facebookpage, we might be playing in your hometown ;)


Absolutely world class DJ set right now.

Caleesi is phenomenal, here's her SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/caleesi

It's really really good!

I can get into Berghain finally!

Fridays don’t count.

Lot of that going on locally too as musicians try and stay afloat.


I saw the same thing happening in Brazil, bars are paying their artists to stream live.

Here's one of the feeds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2M9IRp0zRg

I miss Turntable.fm

Check out JQBX (https://www.jqbx.fm)

Maybe a better title would be “Berlin Clubs live stream music”.

Wow, I think I found a new genre of music I love!

It usually takes MDMA to fall in love with this music, so you must be a natural...

Here’s my all-time favorite set, at least the first 10 minutes: https://soundcloud.com/britta-1/britta-bnders-bachstelzen-fu...

Website appears to have just taken down my PC.

Opened tab, everythings slows down instantly, then black screen.

Brand new 32gb ryzen 3700 build that's otherwise stable (memtest, games etc)

Fyi page uses only 1 CPU core on my notebook (Linux, Google Chrome without addons, embedded Intel GPU), CPU clocking down to 800-1200Mhz... .

I'm glad it works for you.

That's entirely missing the point thought. This page took down a 8 core 32gb machine but seems to work fine on a 1 core notebook.

Something is very fkd here

That Sunday lineup is great

seems to be a DJ rather than live music

Live DJ, live mixing.

There's a drum kit in the background if that helps :P

maybe I just logged on at the wrong time and there'll be some live music later

it's a nice idea anyway

I guess it's nice for people who like electronic music. The Berlin scene is known for having some of the highest quality clubs and performances in the world.

If you were looking for other genres then I apologize. It's only going to be electronic music of some form.

Not my genre (prog rock), but I'm enjoying it. Unfortunately I could get only a glimpse at the previous band, however the Sorry Entertainer DJing now seems quite a talented artist. Big thumbs up for the initiative!

So in fact now it's live music with a band :D

no prob with electronic music, just being pedantic :)

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