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This drives me fucking mental.

It's not about being insensitive about the quality reduction, I KNOW PEOPLE ARE DYING, I KNOW that's more important than Netflix.

I don't care if they stop ALL services, but DONT FUCKING CHARGE ME THEN.

Well if 'doing your part' only means 720p instead of 1080 or 4k at the same price for a little while, I think that is more than acceptable

I don't get this.

It's not that I'm unwilling to donate a few bucks or take a hit for this situation. I have helped as much as I can.

I still don't think its acceptable for Netflix to decide to charge me the same for a worse service.

Why do people equate dissatisfaction at a large entertainment company charging for something they are not delivering with being insensitive??

I don't care if they reduce quality, stop the service entirely and cease to exist, but don't charge me for something you're not delivering.

I'm happy if they want to immediately cease all online video, just don't fucking charge me!

If this move saves lives GREAT!

Just don't CHARGE ME as if you are still delivering the contracted product.

I don’t understand that. It’s not like Netflix is saving lives or is a non profit. Why should it be our responsibility to subsidize their baseline? The nature of business is that you’re taking risks. Offloading that risk to your customers is bad taste. Netflix doesn’t share its profits with its customers so why should we be shouldering their losses/subsidizing them as paying customers?


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