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I don't mind the idea of notifications when I have a web page open in a tab. Like, sure if I receive a message while I'm looking at another tab, let me know!

But I was a bit shocked to discover that I was getting notifications from sites that I did not have open, then I realized that when I register for notifications the browser will continuously poll that site in the background, no matter whether I've browsed to that site in this session or not. That was when I decided I didn't want any notifications.

It's not even the interruption, but more the knowledge that my computer is casually making HTTP requests in the background, continuously, on a site I haven't even browsed to, that I don't feel comfortable with..

That's not actually how it works. What happens when you subscribe to notifications is that your browser gives the website instructions for it to send notifications to the browser vendor's notification service. Your browser only polls Mozilla's servers or Google's servers or Apple's servers and all notifications are relayed through that.

To me this sounds even worse.

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