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Thank you... People need to know this part. It's an exemption in our county order here too.

I've been walking and hiking every day since reading that. Some funny stuff...

- I always wear a floppy sun hat. Been there, had the dermatologist appointment. I can tell people think I'm a weird prepper. But I'm just going hiking, and need good sun coverage...

- Sitting on a bench in the city park, holding a tiny shortwave radio, with antenna clipped on... I've been doing this for years now, but these days people slow down their cars and stare...

- Having some family fun with our GMRS license, as we do about 1-2x weekly, anyway my son had a walkie talkie in his hand when we visited a nearby store and the cashier said we gave him a "zombie apocalypse vibe" (then handed me a card and asked me to email him about getting a license)

- Walking near seniors and the elderly...SO sad. They look terrified and take ~20 foot detours. (Not terrified at me, just in general...I hope)

- Seeing groups, like families talking in the street... They're out just enjoying a bit of sun, laughing, but then they completely disperse or go inside when someone walks down the street toward them.

- People seem to be putting on a weird act if they see that you are looking at them, like, "see, this is how I get out of my car during a pandemic." lol.

- If you go around a corner and run into somebody... Even if no physical contact... Awkward. Lmao

- So quiet. It's like most of our city already died off. But there's only one case reported in our county, far to the south

It's weird. When I take a ham radio out hiking, I take one with a blue case, so people don't get the wrong idea...

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