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> A few things that aren't mentioned:

Those and all other things listed on linked article are JavaScript-lang/engine things NOT related to browser itself. You could use such using Electron, literally "outside of browser"

Try disable JS in your browser OR try to use Links[0] browser ­— and lets see what you can do with a browser in 2020.

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Links_(web_browser)

The article is about things you can do with a browser, not things you can do with a browser with JS disabled. I think it's accurate. Also, all these features require support from parts of the browser beyond the JS implementation. Also, Electron embeds a web browser. Also, the ability to do things with something other than a browser doesn't imply you can't do them with a browser.

This is like replying to "Places you can visit for a road trip" and saying "You can visit all these places by train, too, also let's see you go there in a car without the engine."

(I am a links user, btw.)

Electron embeds a HTML-render + JS-engine != web browser

Electron is essentially just a version of chrome. If electron can do it, chrome can do it, and there is no way to say that chrome is not a browser.

Electron is essentially just a version of Chromium, NOT Chrome.

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