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A free alternative to PingPlotter: https://www.thinkbroadband.com/broadband/monitoring/quality

My connection: https://www.thinkbroadband.com/broadband/monitoring/quality/...

In case anyone is shopping for broadband in the UK, I only have great things to say about Zen pictured above. It's so good I just called to upgrade my 80 Mb to a 300 Mb just for fun, meanwhile my quarantined Italian friends are suffering awful internet now that everybody's at home streaming Netflix.

I used to have Virgin fibre and my average ping was 80ms with a ton of jitter. The plot above is my internet while downloading at about 2MB/s average over the past 24 hours, and surprisingly stays the same even at peak download.

I’m being pedantic, but that’s not really Zen, it’s the BT Openreach backend which has really great stability and latencies. I tracked my BT Openreach connection for many years and I never got more than a few ms of jitter, really amazing. However the speeds are not great (70/20), and the coverage is also fairly poor - I'm in a dead zone right now between two local exchanges. So unfortunately I'm forced to use Virgin, which has gotta be the worst ISP in the history of the world (and I have had Comcast!). Terrible network and terrible customer service - I don't know how this company exists.

That's a neat alternative to PingPlotter. I like that it pings from outside, so no client required. I'll check it out, however, I'm in the US, so I bet it's always going to be high latency.

Not friend of yours italian quarantined enjoying 1Gb/s here. Never used Netflix ;-)

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