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> I keep being amazed at how consumerism drives side benefits. Without Netflix and gamers, how much worse off would we all be right now?

Oh, I'm over here wondering how much these consumer activities contribute to climate change.

I guarantee you that a switch from activities which use gasoline and aviation fuel, to those which use wall power, is a net positive for CO2 emission.

Yes, I suppose it would work like that when you set up a false dichotomy.

Not a false dichotomy at all.

People have about 18 hours in a day to do stuff. Basically all of it has a carbon footprint.

Which do you think is higher: commuting to and from school/work and using electricity for eight hours, or just the using electricity part? Flying to a business meeting, or conducting it with videoconferencing?

The answer is obvious. Also, this is exactly what responsible climate activists advocate for: shift activity to lower total emissions, and electrify everything which can be, while titrating off fossil fuels and ramping up renewable electricity.

Sent from a house with solar panels on a bright and sunny day.

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